ISIS executes Israeli-Arab from Jerusalem as a “Mossad Spy”

The Islamic State has put to death an Israeli Arab for the first time.  According to a video tape released by the jihadists, Said Ismail Muslem, aged 19, from Beit Haninah, East Jerusalem, was shot in the head Tuesday March 10 by a 12-year old boy clad in ISIS uniform. He was condemned as an alleged spy for the Israeli Mossad.
Said Ismail Muslem is described by terrorist sources as having been recruited to the Mossad, Israel’s external security agency, by a police officer who was a friend of his family.  He allegedly underwent training by the agency’s instructors as a penetration agent and spy at an IDF facility in Anatot near Jerusalem. At the end of the training course, he was smuggled into Syria where he offered his services to ISIS.

Within a short time, the Islamists became suspicious of their new volunteer when they found him to be less than meticulous in performing religious rites. They had him followed. Sensing he was under suspicion, Said began planning his getaway. But he made the fatal mistake of getting in touch with his family in Jerusalem to let them know he was about to set out for home. The message was picked up by the terrorists, who set a trap to catch him.
The tape ended with an ISIS terrorist stating that the attacks on the Jews of France would be renewed.


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