Islamabad: Israel’s Mossad and Indian intelligence stir up trouble against Pakistan

Pakistan’s intelligence agency Sunday, July 27, accused the Indian Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and Israel’s Mossad of working hand in glove. They were blamed for stirring up trouble on the its common border with Afghanistan and planning terrorist activities inside Pakistan in conjunction with Khad (the former Afghan secret service).
debkafile‘s intelligence sources report that Islamabad, beset by accusations from New Delhi and Kabul of fomenting terror in their countries, injected the Israeli agency into the quarrel as an expedient for deflecting their attacks.
Afghan president Hamid Karzai has bluntly accused Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (SIS) of engineering an attempt on his life at a parade on April 27, and aiding Taliban attacks in his country.
India has alleged SIS involvement in the suicide blast at its embassy in Kabul on July 7, killing 58 people, including a senior India diplomat and military attache with the rank of brigadier.
Shortly after that atrocity, Indian foreign minister Shivshankar Menon said: “All our information points to elements of Pakistan being behind the blast.
In the last two days, Indian officials have again charged Pakistan with backing the Muslim terrorist group which detonated 25 bombs in the western towns Bangalore and Ahmedabad, leaving 45 people dead and 165 injured.
Holding up their “Israel trump card” in reply, Pakistan’s intelligence agencies claimed to the media Sunday that they had asked the government to take “ample measures” to combat terrorism, which they alleged was linked to “Indian diplomatic missions in Afghanistan and Indian and Israeli spy outfits.”
They cited “certain evidence” indicating that Israel and Indian missions were behind “recent acts of terrorism in Balochistan,” where a bombing attack on a mosque in Quetta this month killed dozens of people.
debkafile‘s intelligence sources comment that smears of this kind would never have seen the light when president Pervez Musharraf was at the helm in Islamabad. However, Yousuf Reza Gilani’s new government has seriously undercut his authority and his connections in the army and security agencies.
By brandishing the Mossad bogy, the Islamabad regime sought to achieve four objectives.
1. To deflect Indian and Afghan charges that Islamabad is up to its neck in terrorism.
2. To tarnish the pro-Western Karzai government in Kabul, where the Mossad charge had a good chance of sticking in the eyes of Afghan tribal circles.
3. Implicating the Mossad in the Quetta attack was a high-risk stratagem arising from the Gilani government’s deepening ties with Tehran since taking power earlier this year.
Tehran has for some months fingered the American CIA for backing the Baluchi liberation movement’s terror campaign in Iranian Baluchistan next door as a means of getting at the central Islamic regime. Putting an Israeli label to the charge of supplying arms, explosives, funds and intelligence to Iranian Baluchi dissidents would make it hard for the Americans to rally recruits. Most Baluchis are devout Shiites and would have no truck with an Israeli agency.
Pakistan intelligence is therefore performing a valuable service for Tehran by implicating Israel in the Baluchi insurgency.
4. Gilani hit on the Israeli Mossad as a rallying point for the Pakistan government, army and intelligence to back his negotiations with Taliban.

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