Israel continues Jenin operation after unearthing 550 extra-powerful Palestinian bombs

The 550 explosive devices discovered on Day One of the IDF’s “House and Garden” operation in Jenin on Sunday, July 3, were more powerful and artful than the standard Palestinian tools of terror – hence Israel’s decision to carry on for another day or two. And after the special troops conducting the operation are withdrawn, it was also decided that the force deployed in advance to surround the town would stay in place.

DEBKAfile’s military sources also report on special features of the Jenin operation, aside from the substantial use of aerial power. The IDF fielded 1,200 special forces fighters against 3,000 armed Palestinians in a full-scale battle – over and above a routine arrest raid. However, members of the terrorist Islamic Jihad and local Jenin Brigades went AWOL and took no part in the confrontation.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, in a speech marking the US Fourth of July, said on Sunday night: “In recent months, Jenin has grown into a terrorist haven. This [situation] is unacceptable and we are bringing it to an end. At this moment, our security forces are operating in the heart of Jenin refugee camp.” He went on to say: “ For terrorists no place is immune – whether in the Gaza Strip, Judea and Samaria or anywhere else. We are striking terrorists along with an effort to avoid harming the innocent. We are initiating and landing surprises; revising and renewing and creating a new game plan against terror. There are only two places for those who wish to harm us: jail or the graveyard.”

OC Central Command Maj. Gen. Yehuda Fuchs said: “This is not just a surgical, one-time operation. We are waging a division-scale action in the Jenin refugee camp to demolish the infrastructure of terror and expand our freedom of action in Judea and Samaria for defending Israel’s civilian population.” Summing up, he said: “We have succeeded in disabling the workshops making bombing devices for distribution to violent factions across the territory. The Palestinians  have so far lost about nine armed men.

In a message from the White House, the Biden administration said it was watching the Jenin operation and continues to support Israel’s right to self defense “against Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist groups.”

In Ramallah the Palestinian Authority’s response was the usual condemnation of Israel together with advice to municipal authorities on the West Bank to set up committees of resistance against Israel. Our sources note that if the PA also supplies those committees with weapons, it would signal the onset of the Third Intifada (uprising).

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