Israel drills unconventional al Qaeda strike in Jerusalem

debkafile's military and counter-terror sources report that Tuesday, Oct. 12, large-scale Israeli police, counter-terror squads, border police, first aid personnel and firefighters staged the most extensive exercise Israel has ever conducted against multiple terrorist attacks in its eastern and central regions including Jerusalem.

Several thousand security personnel spread out across area delimited by Maaleh Adummim in the east and the Jerusalem-Modiin Highway 443 link up to Maccabim, in the west. Roadblocks thrown up inside Jerusalem slowed traffic during the drill which ends at midnight.
According to our military sources, a shooting attack with many casualties was simulated in Maaleh Adummim at the same time as the exercise command center was alerted to gunfire on the Highway 443 roadblock. This part of the drill played out coordinated attacks at two opposite extremities of the area.

It climaxed at noon with reports of two cars penetrating Jerusalem's crowded downtown carrying two al Qaeda terrorists armed with non-conventional weapons materials – possibly a dirty bomb – which they were on the point of detonating.

Israel has never before practiced an al Qaeda infiltration of one of its main cities. 

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