Israel expects another Iran whitewash job from UN nuclear watchdog

Israel’s UN ambassador Danny Gillerman says Israel is losing patience with the wishy-washy reports delivered by Mohammed ElBaradei, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, on Iran’s nuclear work.
Wednesday, Feb. 20, Mohammad Mohaddessin,of the exiled Iranian National Council of Resistance, warned that the Iranian regime had accelerated its nuclear weapons program, including the production of nuclear warheads. He told a news conference that Tehran had established its first command and control center to work on a nuclear bomb and was setting up a center to produce warheads southeast of the capital.
debkafile: The council’s previous allegations of Iran’s covert nuclear activities, including the Natanz site, have been borne out. Mohaddessin said Iran cheated inspections by closing down one center only to open another later with the same purpose.
Addressing the watchdog agency, the exiled Iranian activist advised action against Iran now, for tomorrow would be too late.
Ahead of the ElBaradei report, whose release is expected Friday, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said his government would ignore calls by major powers to halt the work which has led to two rounds of UN sanctions. The report’s findings will determine the Security Council powers’ decision on a third round.
Iran’s former nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani, who is running for parliament, said Wednesday, Feb. 20, he had quit the post over “differences on management mechanics” with Ahmadinejad. He is reported among the president’s critics, accusing him of pushing Iran into international isolation.
On Feb. 13, Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said Moscow does not approve of Iran’s development of its rocket sector and continued uranium enrichment.

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