Israel launches big war game for top military and civil command levels – first since Lebanon War

From May 14-17 participants will practice full-scale war scenarios, including extreme contingencies such as crippling attacks on strategic centers and mass casualties, prepared by the IDF General Staff. The game will encompass all levels of command up to prime minister, defense minister and his deputy under the direction of the chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Gaby Ashkenazi. Most elements of the exercise have not been released, but it is reported that stress will be laid on improving communication between the civilian and military command levels and dialog among the commands in crisis situations. The scenarios correct some of the mishaps of last year’s Lebanon War, but the general scale of the exercise is broader. Experienced reserve generals have been mobilized to support the incumbent officers heading the various commands.
Last year, the national command war game, an annual event, was postponed by the Lebanon conflict.

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