Israel receives at least one new German Dolphin-class submarine

debkafile‘s military sources report that at least one of two Dolphin-class U212 submarines on order for the Israeli Navy from the German HDW shipyards in Kiel was delivered this week, bringing the Navy’s total number of this type of sub to four. According to foreign military sources, the Dolphin is capable of carrying cruise missiles with nuclear warheads.
Israel has never officially confirmed possession of this type of nuclear-capable submarine. According to our military sources, Chancellor Angela Merkel was persuaded by the military tensions put forth by Iran to step in personally and raise the completion of Israel’s submarine order fitted out for cruise missiles to top priority. The work was finished a year before the date on the contract.
The delivery of at least one of the pair of Dolphins just before the Six Powers confront Iran on its nuclear program Thursday, Oct. 1, gives substance to Israel’s option to strike Iranian nuclear facilities.
In June, an Israeli Dolphin passed through the Suez Canal for the first time, escorted by Egyptian navy vessels, as a message to Tehran that Cairo would open the waterway to Israeli warships in the event of the controversy over Iran’s nuclear program getting out of hand.
debkafile only confirms the arrival of one Dolphin.
The French and Italian news agencies, AFP and ANSA, reported Tuesday that Israel had taken delivery of not one but two German-made U212 submarines and now had a fleet of five. AFP quoted a military spokesman in Tel Aviv. An ANSA correspondent reported that military sources in Tel Aviv and Berlin had declined to comment on the report except for promising to check it. According to the Italian reporter, it is also possible that the subs were handed to an Israeli Navy crew by the shipyard and had not yet reached Israel.

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