Israel successfully tests two Arrow anti-missile missiles – one serving as a decoy Sunday night

The two Arrow missile radar systems homed in on a mock target dropped by the Israeli Air Force. debkafile‘s military sources add: Israeli military planners are working on the unproven assumption that Iran has developed a multiple warhead for its Shehab-3 medium-range missile, which can reach Israel. This is claimed by Tehran but has not been demonstrated. The Israeli test after dark Sunday, Feb. 11, was designed to test the ability of the US-Israeli Arrow missile and its radar to beat an attack by a multiple warhead missile – whether conventional or nuclear – by firing two missiles simultaneously – one as a decoy to confuse the incoming Iranian missile. This test elevates the electronic warfare race between Israel and Iran to a new level. Until recently, Israel was generally considered unchallenged in its electronic warfare capabilities. In the next stage, Iran is will be seeking a way around the method Israel tested Sunday night.

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