Israel will use digital means for emergency surveillance of coronavirus cases

Large segments of the Israeli economy are being shut down for five weeks from Sunday, March 15, by another raft of drastic measures for containing the spread of covid-19, PM Binyamin Netanyahu announced Saturday night. He also disclosed that digital surveillance measure used to counter terror will be used to track coronavirus cases and study the course of the disease’s infection and spread. This step, which entails some invasion of privacy, was cleared for the emergency with Justice Ministry. Netanyahu noted it had been used in Taiwan with success.

Additional measures going into force on Sunday:  Pre-schools will be closed as well as all other institutions of education. Non-essential places of work with a staff or more than 10 will be closed for next five weeks. All places of entertainment: cafes, restaurants, malls, halls and fitness gyms, will be shuttered. Public transport services are to be reduced.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Israel reached 178 Saturday night, two in serious condition. The Magen David Emergency Service plans to raise the number of tests in the coming week to 2,000 per day or more.
Netanyahu also stressed to the public, after a day of conferences with the heads of ministries and the economy, that stocks of food in the country were plentiful as well as other essentials including medicines. Stocks of these items covered many months, he said. Supermarkets and pharmacies would stay open and there was no need to continue overwhelming them with panic shopping. He promised to keep essential services running, including ATMs for ready cash and the gas stations.

Soldiers on weekend leave at their homes were ordered on Saturday to report to their bases on Sunday morning fully equipped for at least four weeks on duty without a break.

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6 thoughts on “Israel will use digital means for emergency surveillance of coronavirus cases

  • Mar 14, 2020 @ 22:26 at 22:26

    Dumbest President United States ever had, finally realized UK should be treated like the rest of Europe. Incredible what is going on in the US.

  • Mar 14, 2020 @ 23:06 at 23:06

    They should have closed the airport month ago.
    Israel with the big proportion army cannot afford a plague. (Not to mention Gaza an the west bank)

  • Mar 15, 2020 @ 0:11 at 0:11

    Iran will get herd immunity very fast, quicker than any other country in the world because they are not trying to slow the virus. Once they get herd immunity before the rest of us they will be able to attack Israel and the rest of the Middle East with impunity and immunity because they won’t be able to get the virus. They don’t care how many of their own people die while they fast track their path to herd immunity. Their plan is to use the virus to rule the Middle East. North Korea will do the same thing. Millions of their own dead citizens is the price they are prepared to pay to rule the world.

    Without a medical treatment we can only get herd immunity by gradually exposing the human population to the virus and use the virus itself as a vaccine. But that means tens of millions dying from the vaccine side effect of ……… death. But that’s what we have to do until a vaccine is ready in 2021 or 2022. But how to stop Iran and North Korea I don’t know. We might have to nuke them. If all our armed services aren’t sick with CV.

  • Mar 15, 2020 @ 20:59 at 20:59

    Reading Haaretz I’m beginning to become concerned about the surveillance systems now been turned against us.

    If the numbers of infections are just 200 then the cure could easily be worse than the threat from this disease. We need to be told the truth and military forces should only be used in a area when repeated violations take place.

    Treating us as the enemy sets a dangerous president and if we do not challenge this abuse of power we may regret it in the future. If the number of infected is great then things may be justified but we need to be told the truth.

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