Israeli air force and artillery on high alert for possible Hizballah repeat of bombardment of towns and villages Monday

A pre-dawn Katyusha rocket attack on Israel’s early warning station on Mt. Meron, 10 km inside Israel triggered a day of clashes. An Israeli soldier was slightly injured in that attack, a second seriously near Manara by a Hizballah sniper. A ceasefire went into effect in the late afternoon at the request of the Lebanese government and stopped the Hizballah bombardment of rockets, missiles and mortars against two Israeli towns and five communities. The 150,000 Israel civilians then emerged from bomb shelters.
In a press briefing, Maj-Gen Udi Adam, OC Northern Command did not credit the Jihad Islami claim of the first attack on the Mt. Meron facility, remarking that terrorist groups tend to switch their names around as suits their purpose. The 6-8 Katyusha rockets that damaged the facility were fired from Bint Jbeil, an area which Hizballah fully controls. This could not have been done without its knowledge.
Israel responded to the first attack with an airborne missile strike against two pro-Syrian PFLP-General Command posts south of Beirut and near the Syrian border. An ammunition store was blown up. Lebanese sources reported one PFLP-GC operative killed, 6 injured.
The Israeli general commented that Hizballah has been left in sufficient disarray to offer the Beirut government a good opportunity to implement UN resolution 1559 and deploy the Lebanese army in the south and displace the Shiite militia menace to border stability.

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