Israeli elite unit officers in big Indian anti-terror exercise

India’s biggest ever counter-terror exercise took place this week on the plains of Punjab near the Pakistan border. debkafile‘s military sources disclose that the three-day maneuver ending May 5 was staged by massed mechanized and parachute units of the elite Kharga Corps trained by Israel military instructors in India and Israel in the arts of operating in areas fought over by Taliban and al Qaeda, possibly even with biological or radiological weapons.
Dubbed “Hindi Shakti” (Indian Power), the drill testing this crack army corps’ proactive operational strategy, used tanks, combat vehicles – some developed in Israel for striking terrorist targets in open land, artillery guns and a large number of parachutists. These crack Indian units received specialist instruction from Israeli elite and commando forces in tactics for pursuing combat operations behind enemy lines.
debkafile notes that the Indian counter-terror exercise ended 24 hours before US president Barack Obama headed summit of the Pakistani and Afghani presidents, Ali Zardari and Hamid Karzai, at the White House on their combined strategies against the two terrorist organizations.
New Delhi’s anti-terror exercise signaled the three leaders that, aside from the Americans, the only force capable of taking on Taliban and al Qaeda is India’s elite army corps.

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