Israeli jets focus on six Hizballah targets Saturday in S. Beirut, the Beqaa Valley and on the Lebanese Mediterranean coast

In the S. Beirut suburb of Dahya, the Hizballah’s command and communications compound was pounded; in the Beqaa Valley, Israeli warplanes raided Hizballah weapons stores, command posts, training camps and logistic centers. A Katyusha launch squad was struck. Also singled out for demolition were Lebanese army radar stations in the ports of Tripoli, Junya, Beirut and Sidon, which guided to target the Iran-made C-802 missile that struck the Israeli warship off Beirut Friday, July 14. One Israeli crewman was killed, three are missing. Israel continues to maintain its air, land and sea blockade of Lebanon – and strikes against roads, bridges and airports – to restrict Hizballah terrorist movements and hamper their procurement of fresh weapons supplies and manpower.
Also destroyed Saturday, were the Beirut premises of Hamas senior operatives Muhammed Nazal and Muhammed Hamdan.

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