Israeli Muslim leader arrested for incitement and sedition

Raed Salah, head of the Islamic movement of Israeli Arabs, was placed under arrest Tuesday, Oct. 6, on charges of incitement and sedition. A magistrate then released him with an order to stay out of Jerusalem for 30 days. Last week, he and the Palestinian Hamas jointly launched a violent campaign on Temple Mount to support the shrine’s exclusion to Jews. Heeding their call “to defend al Aqsa,” young Muslims have been on a rampage for four days – first on Temple Mount, then through western districts of Jerusalem.
Earlier Tuesday, the Western Wall Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch appealed to the heads of the three faiths which hold Temple Mount sacred to work together and restore sanity to Jerusalem.
Palestinian leader Muhammad Dahlan responded by accusing Israel of deliberately fanning the flames which he warned could spread across the Middle East. His fellow Palestinians have been calling on their Muslim brethren to “defend” the al Aqsa mosque against an Israeli takeover, although police have allowed no Jews or tourists to set foot on Temple Mount during the entire Succoth festival – only Muslims over 50.
Monday, large caches of stones and rocks were discovered hidden by Muslim rioters inside al Aqsa mosque and various corners of Temple Mount.
Israeli security forces are braced for the Islamic violence to peak Friday, Oct. 9, after the television preacher Yusuf Qardawi, spiritual leader of the international Muslim Brotherhood movement, urged all Muslims to mark that day by “defending Al Aqsa” against the shrine’s takeover by “the Jews.” His influence is enough to bring inflamed Muslims streaming to Jerusalem in Friday.
Monday saw riots, firebombs, rocks and burning tires spreading through Jerusalem’s Arab villages, including Abu Dis, Tzur Bahar and Jebel Mukaber. Many of the rioters were masked, presumably because they have jobs and business ties in West Jerusalem. Yet police patrols were told to stay out of the villages.
Shuafat opposite French Hill exploded into violence after an Israeli soldier routinely inspecting a bus was stabbed in the throat by a Palestinian passenger.
Attempting to pour oil on troubled waters, the police suppressed information about the extent and gravity of the unrest – in particular, the fires young Palestinians from Tsur Bahar and Jebal Mukaber in south Jerusalem set to neighboring Jewish farm crops and parks. They attacked the firemen putting out the flames which they reignited.
Here, too, the police were criticized for staying out of the villages and not arresting the arsonists, although they were identified by neighbors watching the rampage from their windows.
debkafile‘s military sources confirm the impression that internal security minister Aharonovitch and his police chiefs have not grasped the full extent of the security threat to the city and are treating it as a local outbreak that will soon die down if handled discreetly. However, as we disclosed earlier, Syria and Iran are behind the trouble. Israeli Arab and Palestinian Muslim leaders are their willing tools for spearheading a fresh uprising (intifada) against Israel, using the purported Jewish assault on al Aqsa to inflame Muslim masses worldwide.
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Mosques in Turkey have responded by orchestrating wild demonstrations. Egypt, Syria and Jordan may follow, not to mention the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Israeli Arab communities.

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