Israel’s top soldier Lt.-Gen Dan Halutz says “the world” is capable militarily of stopping Iran’s military program

Asked in interviews marking Israel’s Remembrance Day for the Fallen about Israel’s involvement in a potential military operation, the chief of staff said: “We are part of the world.” He warned that Iran armed with a nuclear capability would constitute a threat to Israel’s existence.
In the Order of the Day he posted for the IDF Tuesday, he said the Iranian president’s refusal to recognize Israel’s right to live (in the region) as an independent state may not be treated lightly.
Halutz voiced opposition to re-occupying the Gaza Strip to stop Palestinian Qassam missile attacks. In his view, the price Israel would pay for re-entry would be much greater than any success in stopping the missiles.
Hamas as head of the Palestinian government is a threat as long as it does not amend its views, said Halutz. If it engages in terrorist acts, the IDF will mete out the same treatment as to any other terrorists. “Hamas has no immunity – quite the reverse,” he stressed. The chief of staff said he sees no confrontation with Hamas in the near future, but if its operatives’ join violent attacks, “we cannot rule out operations against them and that in itself would lead to escalation.

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