Jerusalem struck by three terrorist attacks in 11 months

The bulldozer assault on July 2, a first in terrorist annals, claimed three Israel lives and left more than 70 people injured. The victims were Elizabeth Goren-Friedman, 54, Bathsheva Onterman, 33, and Zen Raluay, 68.
Lone Palestinian suiciders perpetrated all three multiple murders by unconventional means. All three carried Israeli IDs with jobs and benefits.
And all three killing rampages were stopped by off-duty soldiers or unofficial security personnel.
They had one other common denominator which has been largely obscured by Israeli authorities: They were all claimed by a group calling itself the Galilee Liberation Brigades which debkafile‘s intelligence sources report is sponsored by the Lebanese Hizballah terror organization.
debkafile‘s counter-terror sources note that it was not by chance that Hizballah secretary Hassan Nasrallah gave a news conference in Beirut just hours after the Jerusalem attack. He confirmed that the prisoner exchange with Israel would go through in mid-July.
Nasrallah was imitating the style of the Palestinian master-terrorist, the late Yasser Arafat, who was wont to follow up “diplomatic” statements with major terrorist attacks, to demonstrate to his fellow Arabs and Muslims that actions spoke louder than words.
The bulldozer which careered down a Jerusalem thoroughfare, leaving in its wake crushed bodies and vehicles, bore Hizballah’s hallmarks.
Nasrallah had warned that the death of the Lebanese group’s military commander, Imad Mughniyeh in Damascus last February, would be avenged by unconventional means that would shock Israelis.
This was the first time in terrorist history that a bulldozer was used as an instrument of death. It presages more of the same: unpredictable atrocities that require no explosives or bombs, a nightmare scenario hanging over the lives of ordinary people, for which no preventive measures have been devised.
In August 2007, the first of the three attacks claimed by the Galilee Liberation Brigades in Jerusalem was carried out by a local gunman from Kfar Mande in the old City of Jerusalem. He murdered a security guard, only to be killed by his victim’s partner.
On March 7, another Jerusalem Palestinian from Jebal Mukabar, carried out the massacre of eight youths in the Mercaz Harav yeshiva. He was finally killed by an off-duty army officer who was a next-door neighbor. The claim of responsibility by the Galilee Liberation Brigades was broadcast by Hizballah’s Al Manar TV station in Lebanon.
Then too, Israeli officials went to considerable pains to disassociate the attack from any organized terrorist group.
Yet Israel’s UN ambassador was instructed to demand an unqualified Security Council resolution of condemnation of the attack. But who should be condemned if no identifiable hand performed it?

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