Trump chooses hawkish John Bolton as national security adviser

President Donald Trump has chosen as his third national security adviser John Bolton, 69, former US ambassador to the UN in the Bush administration. A distinguished broadcast commentator and outspoken friend of Israel, Bolton’s name also came up after Trump’s election as candidate for secretary state. He succeeds HR McMaster, whom Trump has let go with praise for “an outstanding job.”

Bolton, who will leave his post as a senior fellow at the rightwing American Enterprise Institute, formally moves in to the job on April 9. With the Bolton appointment, President Trump continues the shakeup of his security and foreign policy team of advisers as he heads towards challenging decisions in the coming weeks on the Iranian and North Korean nuclear crises. The new NSA joins Mike Pompeo, the former CIA director and another hawk, whom Trump appointed earlier this month as Secretary of State in place of Rex Tillerson. The Washington rumor mill suggests that the next head on the block is that of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

In his frequent TV commentaries, Bolton has repeatedly urged America to use its military prowess to remind the world that it is still the greatest power on earth whose strength is unrivaled. He has advocated pre-emptive military strikes on Iran and North Korea rather than wasting time on fruitless diplomacy while the two rogue states buy time for developing nuclear weapons and missiles. Bolton has also argued that Washington should have acted to remove Bashar Assad long ago and maintains that the military expansionist presence of Iran and Hizballah in Syria must be stopped.
After his appointment was announced, Bolton answered reporters’ questions by saying that if he had to keep on explaining how his views as a private individual would apply to his new job, he would have no time to perform it. The new NSA is clearly drawing a distinction between the two functions and preparing to perform with all seriousness and caution a job that is the pinnacle of his career. After all, it is the president who makes the decisions and an adviser is just an adviser.


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56 thoughts on “Trump chooses hawkish John Bolton as national security adviser

  • Mar 23, 2018 @ 12:18 at 12:18

    There are two ways to surrender:
    1. Without a fight;
    2. After defeat on the battlefield.

    The US is going for the second.

    • Mar 23, 2018 @ 13:31 at 13:31

      Didn’t know there were people named Jack in Qom. Teeth are gnashing there now with Trump’s new team in place.

    • Mar 23, 2018 @ 13:36 at 13:36

      Sorry, my comment was meant for post by Theory in Practice.

    • Mar 24, 2018 @ 7:30 at 7:30

      We now have a President that fully understands the dangers we face and who is willing to apply the solutions that will get results. Whether that means going to war or not remains to be seen. But, with the new Trump team in place there is no doubt that the result will be victory for the US either diplomatically and/or on the battlefield.

  • Mar 23, 2018 @ 12:18 at 12:18


  • Mar 23, 2018 @ 12:28 at 12:28

    THERE IS A THIRD WAY, the israeli way:
    really defeat your enemy, then “surrender” and complain that you lost.

    Ten times… if you count the Gazazouzis bits too.

    Out of 70 years it’s not that bad after all.
    It could have been much worse.

    • Mar 24, 2018 @ 5:20 at 5:20

      when were you born have you seen the daily news ny june 1967 20,000 PAIRS OF EGYPTION ARMY BOOTS WERE LEFT ON THE SINI DESERT TO ESCAPE FASTER FROM THE MIGHTY IDF ADVANCING TO CAIRO

    • Mar 24, 2018 @ 14:20 at 14:20

      Moshê Dayan doctrine!

  • Mar 23, 2018 @ 12:32 at 12:32

    Good choice Al Bundy aka Donald Trump

  • Mar 23, 2018 @ 12:54 at 12:54

    Will this man also have the wisdom of someone like Henry Kissinger?

    • Mar 23, 2018 @ 13:47 at 13:47

      You mean the same Kissinger who was against speaking up for Soviet Jews and their midtreatment when he said to Nixon, “You know, its none of our business how they treat their people.”

      Or when Kissinger temorarily stopped re-supplying Israel during the 1973 war because he wanted to see Israel suffer a bit to control and lessen its military victory?

      • Mar 23, 2018 @ 22:48 at 22:48

        Kissinger is acting out Zionist policy, anti semitism, so called, is advantageous for the Zionist project in Palestine.

        So anti-Semitism, which is a deeply imbedded force in the subconscious mind of the masses, will not harm the Jews. I actually find it to be advantageous to building the Jewish character, education by the masses that will lead to assimilation. This education can only happen through suffering, and the Jews will adapt.


    • Mar 24, 2018 @ 5:52 at 5:52


      • Mar 24, 2018 @ 7:34 at 7:34

        Larry, kudos to you!! you hit the nail on the head!

      • Mar 24, 2018 @ 12:58 at 12:58

        Hey don’t forget Kissinger is claimed to have slaughtered countless of civilians in Indonchina and he supported the Turkish invasion and continued illegal occupation of Cyprus.

      • Mar 25, 2018 @ 7:58 at 7:58


  • Mar 23, 2018 @ 13:08 at 13:08

    Haleluyah! Bolton – a staunch pro-Israeli, who easily cuts through all the “falasryn” and other extreme Arab bulls^*t, is tough on Russia, N.K. porky-pig, and the rag-heads of Teheran ! Best choice for “America First” and President Trump’s success with this lofty ideal !

  • Mar 23, 2018 @ 13:33 at 13:33

    Bolton is a serious strategist who has been preparing for this job for several years. He understands that diplomatic negotiations are war by other means and that verbal war can prevent military contests.

    • Mar 24, 2018 @ 13:02 at 13:02

      True. And it speaks volumes that the GOP has not harnessed his talents since the days of George Dubya. As many have written: he cuts through the BS, he speaks truth to evil and with DJT I very much doubt he would be given the opportunity to do his country and the free world proud. Well done Mr President. Very well done.

  • Mar 23, 2018 @ 13:52 at 13:52

    The only talk the Terrorstinians and the other Islamist warmongering antisemites understand is tough talk, cutting off their source of dollars and force. Bolton is a great choice to make terrorists aware that we mean business.

  • Mar 23, 2018 @ 13:59 at 13:59

    A report from Arutz 7 today in Hebrew worries me. It claims that Bolton in 2014 suggested to give Jordan Yehudan and Shomron

    ב-2014 כתב מאמר בו קרא לפתרון שלוש מדינות: העברת עזה לידי המצרים, והעברת יו”ש לירדן”

    If true then he is a supporter of Trump’s rumored peace plan suicidal to Israel:

    If the reported provisions of the plan are true, the Trump Administration’s “deal of the century” would be the “disaster of the century.” President Trump’s reputation as Israel’s greatest friend would be destroyed.

    The reported plan amounts to Israel giving up tangible land and sovereignty in return for empty promises, and entails the establishment of a terror regime in Israel’s heartland. Worseת there is no way such a state could be demilitarized. No sovereign state has previously either agreed to, or been successfully compelled to, demilitarize; nor could this be enforced, even if Palestinian demilitarization were an explicit term in any peace settlement.

  • Mar 23, 2018 @ 14:03 at 14:03

    Tweets from Bolton are very helpful in the sense of providing some insight into how he’s most likely to advise Trump on the dynamics of the Syrian war, in particular.

    “Washington and its allies do not need more #Russian adventurism in #MiddleEast, especially given the Moscow-Tehran-Damascus-Hezbollah axis.” (Jan. 24)

  • Mar 23, 2018 @ 14:05 at 14:05

    Here comes the real war!!!
    Dont ever think NK or Iran is iraq or afganistan or Libya!!!

  • Mar 23, 2018 @ 14:46 at 14:46

    Bolton is part of us gov that spent few trillions of dollars in iraq and no one ask them what they were achive from that decisions.

  • Mar 23, 2018 @ 15:05 at 15:05

    Debkafile must have been getting copy from John Bolton when they repeatedly asserted that Iraq manufactured and possessed stockpiles of WMDs. At one time these WMDs were alleged to be in Syria. Now that Russia/Syria claims to have found 40 tons of chemical weapons in the possession of rebels from eastern Ghouta it appears that Saddam Husseins WMDs have finally been located.

  • Mar 23, 2018 @ 15:42 at 15:42

    John Bolton is a failed Neocon, who suffers from that all-Murican affliction called “US exceptionalism” and Zionist chosenitis. Agent Orange is stupid for his appointments of Pompeo and Bolton. The Neocons need to be executed, not promoted to power.

    Expect more of the same….lies, war mongering, sectarian strife and Iranophobia, to keep the squatter colony feeling safe spaced. The blowback will make for some good entertainment, watching an empire lose control.

    • Mar 23, 2018 @ 16:15 at 16:15

      Hmmm, with Mr. Bolton’s appointment he certainly hasn’t failed. Obama did not like him which instantly gave him a high standing for consideration. Your desire to see true blue Americans murdered severely discredits any value to your comments.
      It is good to see an American President who sides with Israel in a thoughtful manner and surrounds himself with those who are also friendly to Israel. Quite the opposite from Obama who surrounded himself with muslims who were neither friends to the USA or Israel.
      Judaism and Christianity share the same god even if many Israelis do not realize that Jesus is their lord also. The more our nations work together, the better off we become. Unfortunately, the Holy Bible tells us that ultimately Satan will succeed until Jesus returns. Until then, pray for the peace of Israel.

      • Mar 23, 2018 @ 16:40 at 16:40

        I hate to mix religion and politics. But we all share the same G-d. Those who don’t understand that are spiritually retarded. And historically ignorant.

      • Mar 23, 2018 @ 21:32 at 21:32

        Let me pop your bubble….there is no god or satan. There is only human on this Earth. Waiting for some sky daddy to save you is delusional. The evil on Earth is inside us all, it only gets triggered to varying degrees and we have things like conscience to hold it back. And the evil people are in charge, especially the US empire.

        This seemingly ‘holy alliance’ between Jewish Zionists and Evangelical Zionists may appear to be ‘strong’, that is, up until a certain point after which it will break down. You tag-team goal is to keep Muslims bogged down in slaughter and strife by playing to their weaknesses and fuelling the fire. While you claim to hold the higher moral ground, this is an illusion. How are you any better when you resort to the same end result – violence and death? What, because you employ different methods like bombs instead of swords?

        The problem is that Zionists have infested the upper echelons of US politics, military and media and Hollywood. This one-sided bias is evident with a one-track policy of wasting so many US resources for Israel, like its some ritual. This is the problem with having dual citizen Israel-firsters in charge – their loyalties don’t lie with the US but that of Israel and dogmatic religion. America may be founded on principles, but its all an illusion now.

        Most regional players implicitly understand Israel won’t be destroyed. But what is Israel’s plan for the millions of Palestinians in the West Bank? They aren’t going away. Are you going to offer them passports and absorb them into Israel? If they accept, then its a deal. You better have a plan and not expect to kick them out. And any meddling and supporting Wahhabi terrorists in the region will be met with resistance and fought. Iran is doing the world a great favour by destroying Western, Zionist and Saudi dogs of war. So much for the “war on terror” when you are busted with your pants down as the biggest terrorists around. The US is a rogue empire. It floods the region with weapons and is obsessed with regime change, resulting in gross war crimes the Zionist infested media covers up and whitewashes to sickening degrees. Let me tell you, after so many crimes, bad karma will strike you back no matter how much you try to squirm your way out of it. To side with Wahhabis and break all the laws and “values” you claim to be upholding, will catch up to you and bust a cap in your ass. The US-based “world order” has become a farce. Time for change, and change is coming. You had your turn at ruling the world, and you screwed it up.

        • Mar 23, 2018 @ 22:34 at 22:34

          The fool says in his heart there is no God.
          The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord.

          Fortunately, you have up until you die to be saved. BTW, short comments are much easier to type up and move on. I don’t really read the long ones when I see they are written by those lacking wisdom (fear of the Lord).

          Pray for the peace of Israel. Peace.

        • Mar 24, 2018 @ 1:34 at 1:34

          You did not pop a bubble, you just exposed your bubble composed of failed logic!

      • Mar 23, 2018 @ 23:19 at 23:19

        wrong, judaism is a replacement theology established by a Yehudiy sect of the Roman occupation that rejected the messiah of Ysroel, Yeshu’a sar ha panim and sought to take his life on numerous occasions. However the people followed Yeshu, so they couldn’t. Even the TaLmuD records this. At this time there was not one Halakic authority in Iudea, but many. The differences between the Hillelites, the Shamaites, the Essenes, the Sadducees and the Galileans were quite significant. Plenty of orthodox jews followed Yeshu’a, the prince. Even saul of parthenia, most favoured pupil of Gamaliel, who held the coats while they stoned Steven to death.

        Mish. Sotah ix.15 pays tribute, “Since Rabban Gamaliel the Elder died there has been no more reverence for the law, and purity and abstinence died out at the same time.”

        While believing the law to be wholly inspired by God, he ruled that the sabbath laws should be less rigorous and more realistic. He also argued that the law should protect women during divorce and urged Jews to be kind towards Gentiles.

        • Mar 24, 2018 @ 0:27 at 0:27

          Hmmm, let me be more specific. I mean to say the Israelis who pray to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and follow the prophets as listed in the old testament of the Holy Bible.

          Most of what you said makes almost no sense. Of course, I generally don’t follow most of your postings especially the longer ones. Often, I am not sure what your point is. Peace.

          • Mar 24, 2018 @ 4:18 at 4:18

            The G-d of Abraham was also the G-d of Shem and of Noah. The G-d of Abraham said that Israel was to be a nation of priests. The covenant of G-d is conditional on holiness.

    • Mar 23, 2018 @ 19:39 at 19:39

      A stupid post from a stupid brain.

      • Mar 24, 2018 @ 0:23 at 0:23

        Indeed !

    • Mar 25, 2018 @ 8:05 at 8:05


      Say Bye Bye to Fascist Iran and HELLO to Persia.

  • Mar 23, 2018 @ 19:36 at 19:36

    That was a spiritually retarded and historically ignorant comment.

  • Mar 23, 2018 @ 19:36 at 19:36

    After the announcement everything has remained quiet. Would have thought liberals would be pulling their hair out over this.

    • Mar 23, 2018 @ 23:55 at 23:55

      You took off the mask, already. So, what, now they should be amazed?

  • Mar 23, 2018 @ 23:36 at 23:36

    Good news for those wanting Western Civilization stoutly defended and preserved. Bad news for Islamist scum and their cowardly Western sympathizers.

  • Mar 24, 2018 @ 0:26 at 0:26

    Sounds almost too good to be true, for all the right-thinking people in Israel and the world over !
    May the good tidings continue. Amen !

  • Mar 24, 2018 @ 1:02 at 1:02

    Can anyone give me one significant Bolton achievement ?

    • Mar 24, 2018 @ 2:46 at 2:46

      From the many records of his views, comments, speeches, and interviews, it is clear he understands the enemy and how to deal with them to include the use of force. A real threat of force can have a significant effect unlike the bluffs of Obama and his disappearing red lines.

      Additionally, the use of force can achieve results when nothing else can. One must simply be willing to follow through rather than feel sorry for the enemy. The Holy Bible gives many examples of the necessity of force. In fact, the Bible tells us that when Jesus returns, he is going to directly cause the mass deaths of sinful unbelievers and the righteous (the saved) will walk on their ashes. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Peace.

      • Mar 24, 2018 @ 5:17 at 5:17

        Pay attention to the last line, brother.

        16:4 haShem hath made all [things] for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil.

        16:5 Every one [that is] proud in heart [is] an abomination to haShem: [though] hand [join] in hand, he shall not be unpunished.

        16:6 By mercy and truth iniquity is purged: and by the fear of haShem [men] depart from evil.

        16:7 When a man’s ways please haShem, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.

        • Mar 24, 2018 @ 14:17 at 14:17

          You take particular passages and distort them to mean what you want.
          1st, only one tribe of Israel, Levi, was to be priests. When Jesus returns, there will also be some Christians who will be kings and priests.
          2nd, pay attention to your last line. Not all men Israel please the Lord. Therefore, don’t expect the whole nation of Israel to be at peace.
          Your postings border on foolishness. As before, one does not know what your point is with your long and oftentimes confusing passages that seem like the ramblings of an unstable mind. Shall I pray for you? I will if you ask me to. Peace.

          • Mar 24, 2018 @ 16:23 at 16:23

            You guys sound like two obsessed (and extremely intolerant) nerds arguing over Lord of the Rings.

      • Mar 24, 2018 @ 19:45 at 19:45

        Force !! the US lost IrAq , futile war in Afghanistan , endless proxy war in Yemen , losing proxy war in Syria .

    • Mar 24, 2018 @ 17:38 at 17:38

      Sarcasm – (even if you are capable of it, Ben) – will accomplish Nothing: for you or the hopeless hatred in the Middle East. Ambassador Bolton’s appointment is equal (or even will surpass) President Trump’s Jerusalem declaration !

  • Mar 24, 2018 @ 2:35 at 2:35

    Religion is a primary root of evil. Those who conduct policy on religious grounds are the scourge on Earth.

    • Mar 24, 2018 @ 2:53 at 2:53

      Hmmm, when Jesus returns he will set up a government where he is the King of kings and the Law will come out of Israel. The whole world will be expected to obey that law. The nation that doesn’t will be punished by the Lord. I assure you that all policy will be religious and it will be the Law. I recommend reading the Holy Bible and cultivating a proper fear of the Lord. Your objective should be to repent for your sins, accept Jesus into your life, and keep the commandments of the Lord God. That is called being saved! Being saved does the resurrected body good – no fear of the second death. Peace.

  • Mar 24, 2018 @ 3:38 at 3:38

    One may assume that the excess money for the social programs in the new budget signed today is Trump’s payment to the deep state for Bolton’s acceptance. I believe Trump will not get impeached even if the Dems control the congress after the November elections because his planned trip to Israel will save him from this looming impeachment. His trip to celebrate Israel’s statehood will also save US from many troubles ahead.

  • Mar 24, 2018 @ 7:36 at 7:36

    Regarding some of the earlier comments, and especially mention of an upcoming split between Gentile Christianity (actual followers of Saul / Paul of Tarsus), and true Messianic believers (followers of Y’shua). We have Paul as the founder of Gentile Christianity, whose teachings were in stark contrast to what Y’shua taught in many, many areas, and especially keeping the Law, and Paul, the soon to be revealed/re-appeared anti-Christ who will lead the entire world into idolatry as the 7th Herod. (Read Revelation 17:10).

    Read also about his Herodian/Greek background to support this further. Start with Romans 16:11 where he throws that in with a long listing of his Greek companions. How did he, as a non-Roman, have Roman citizenship? In the case of non-Romans, that was reserved only for those of military background, or members of the Herodian family. Professor Robert Eisenman has done a lot of diligent study in that area and that is his strong opinion, namely that Paul had a Herodian background.

    So we have Jewish Messianic believers in our day who may understand this somewhat, but are not willing to confront this directly, for fear of being ostracized too far from mainstream evangelical Christianity.

    Regarding Paul’s supposed teachings under Gamaliel, it has been mentioned by Josephus that Gamaliel had an “unruly” student? But true or not, Paul was definitely not a shining star of Rabbinical Orthodoxy in the 1st century as is commonly taught. If you read Phillipians 3:5-6, he contradicts himself clearly when he rehearses the behavior of his pre-conversion, (Pharisee), years: “Concerning zeal, persecuting (murdering) the church, touching the righteousness of the law, blameless.”

    So to summarize, pertaining to some of the comments in this discourse about how we should conduct ourselves individually and nationally, including the resolution of the Palestinian issue, Y’shua gave us two laws upon which hang, i.e. suspend, support the entire Law (see Matthew 22: 36-40): “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.” “This is the first and great commandment.” “The second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” In this he quotes the old testament, but he did reiterate the Law of Love clearly and took ownership in John 13: 34 and several other passages in John 14-15. Whether or not this is written in the appropriate forum, this above quote is sincerely good and solid advice that had divine, not human, origins. This writer can attest to that..

    • Mar 24, 2018 @ 15:51 at 15:51

      Your views of the Apostle Paul are heretical. If you believe that Paul’s teachings are contrary to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, then it is you who lack deep understanding. More than anything, Paul is not going to be the anti-Christ. It could take hours of explaining to substantiate what I have said even though it is obvious to learned students of the Bible. I suspect even then you would not be willing to change your view. I can only suggest you study the Holy Bible more and hold-off on your claim of the Apostle Paul being the anti-christ to come. Peace.

  • Mar 24, 2018 @ 9:13 at 9:13

    You’re an idiot. There will be nobody to surrender to.

  • Mar 27, 2018 @ 3:25 at 3:25

    He also has strong feelings about Cuba. A my way or the highway icon.

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