Jordan Gets a New, Hi-Tech Border Defense Wall

Two elaborate, hi-tech defense walls are close to completion along Jordan’s borders with Syria and Iraq. They are being constructed by the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) through Raytheon’s Intelligence, Information and Services division in collaboration with the Jordanian army.
This wall system, 442km (275 miles) long, will separate Jordan from Syria and Iraq and provide the royal Hashemite rulers with an extra buttress. It will also make the little kingdom one of the most important US strongholds in the Middle East, as well as providing Israel indirectly with another layer of protection against ISIS and the Iranian military presence in Syria and Iraq.
The walls will be studded with day and night cameras, ground sensors and fixed and mobile surveillance towers able to detect movement five miles away on either side of the fence. They will have patrol paths, ground radars and a full command, control and communications suite.
Mobile surveillance stations and quick reaction forces will be stationed at vulnerable points and stand ready to race to emerging hot spots.
This formidable defense system will be connected to at least 10 American and Jordanian command centers:

  • US Central Command Forward – Jordan, an entity known as CFJ.
  • US Army's 513th Military Intelligence Brigade that sits alongside its Jordanian counterparts, for monitoring and exchanging intelligence from the King Abdullah Special Operations Training Center.
  • The Joint Training Center – Jordan, with US Army and Marines.
  • The US-Jordan Ground Intelligence Center in Amman which is the central hub of the war-related intelligence exchanges.
  • US Special Operation Command Central which operates its own task forces and remote bases.
  • US "black" forces of Joint Special Operations Command-SOCOM.
  • Jordanian Special Operation Command.
  • US Army’s 5th Special Forces Group which is training Syrian rebel forces in Jordan.
  • US Naval special warfare unit that works with their Jordanian counterparts on Operation Gallant Phoenix to secure the southern Jordanian port of Aqaba and its waters.
  • The UASAF 20th Fighter Wing-20 FW Command Center located at Muwaffaq Salti Air Base.

DEBKA Weekly military sources report that Jordan is preyed by fears of ISIS terrorist groups stealing into the kingdom, as well as armed pro-Iranian Shiite militants, e.g., the Bader force and The People’s Mobilization (PMU) from Iraq. They are seen by Jordanian intelligence as potential invaders of the camps in northern Jordan, which hold about 1 million Syrian refugees, for the purpose of liquidating the anti-Assad military and intelligence infrastructure Jordan and the US are running out of the camps.
Iranian strategists may be moved to target this infrastructure, in the belief that the Assad regime will never be able to reassert its domination of southern Syria so long as that anti-Assad entity remains active.

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