Kabul hit again by suicide bomber who kills 15 people in an Afghan police bus

Suspicious police prevented the bomber getting on the bus and shot him, after which he blew himself up, causing casualties on the bus and the street.
The Taleban claimed this attack like the one four days ago in which a suicide bomber
in army uniform blew up a military bus in Kabul, killing 30 people – 28 of them soldiers – President Hamid Karzai appealed Saturday to insurgent leaders Mullah Omar and warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar for personal meetings. They quickly rejected his appeal demanding that foreign troops must first withdraw from the country.
DEBKA-Net-Weekly 319 of Sept. 28 explored in depth former the fundamentalist ex-prime minister Hematyar’s re-emergence as a powerful force in the Afghan insurgency.
Karzai also offered Talliban a share in government to stop the bloodshed destroying the country. But, he said, the insurgents’ standing pre-condition for foreign troops to quit could not be met. He also ruled out talks with al Qaeda and other non-Afghan fighters.

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