Khamenei’s No. 2 in Lebanon, inspects Hizballah, Israeli border formations

DEBKAfile reveals: Hojatoleslam Seyed Ebrahim Raisi inspected Hizballah and Israel military positions on the Lebanese-Israel border on Jan. 30.

Raisi is Ayatollah Ali Khamenei leading successor as Iran’s next supreme leader. On Wednesday, he toured the border at the behest of his boss, accompanied by Revolutionary Guards and Hizballah officers. They gave him a thorough briefing on HIzballah’s war preparations and the IDF’s military setup along the border. Raisi first held a wide-ranging talk with Hizballah secretary general Hassan Nasrallah on the situation in the region when he arrived secretly in Beirut last Friday, Jan. 26.

Hojatoleslam Raisi challenged Hassan Rouhani in the May 2017 presidential election and came in second. During his tour, the cleric listened, watched and also gave Hizballah’s border troops a pep talk, which may be paraphrased as follows:  Hizballah’s influence may now be found in every Muslim country. It imbues Palestinian fighters with hope for winning their struggle on those fronts. By “resistance” the Palestinians have managed to survive against Israel. They have learned that fighting and dogged opposition – not negotiating tables – will determine the fate of their country. “It was Hizballah’s fighting capacity alone that generated resistance in the Islamic countries. Allah willing, we shall soon witness the liberation of Jerusalem!”
Our military sources note that Raisi is the second high-profile Shiite to visit Lebanon in recent weeks for a close look at Israel’s military setup along the border. On Dec. 2, Qais al-Khazali, head of the pro-Iranian Iraqi Aasaib Ahl al-Haq militia, performed a surveillance mission on behalf of Al-Qods Gen. Qassem Soleimani, commander of Iran’s warfronts in Syria and Iraq. His task was to assess the possible deployment of Hizballah forces right across Israel’s northern border – from Idmit in the west to Metullah in the east.
The Iranian cleric’s visit had a political as well as a military overtone. It was deliberately timed for the day after the talks Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu held with President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Jan. 29. The message Tehran was relaying to the Kremlin was this: Not only did Tehran have no intention of withdrawing its military presence from Syria, but it was additionally in the process of spreading its armed wings into Lebanon and confronting Israel directly from there.
DEBKA Weekly revealed last week that Netanyahu had forewarned the Russian president at their meeting that Israel would not tolerate Iran’s permanent military presence in Syria or its establishment of precision missile factories in Lebanon and Syria. If Tehran persisted in its schemes, war would become unavoidable. Putin there and then dispatched a high-ranking official delegation to Israel, as DEBKAfile first reported last week, to study the issues in detail. The officials arrived on Thursday, Feb. 1. They are led by Nikolai Patrushev, head of the Russian Federation Security Council, and include the deputy ministers of foreign affairs, justice and homeland security and a couple of army and intelligence generals. The Russian delegation has begun work on its mission.

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99 thoughts on “Khamenei’s No. 2 in Lebanon, inspects Hizballah, Israeli border formations

  • Feb 3, 2018 @ 14:41 at 14:41

    One single missile would have done the job…To easy to be done?

    • Feb 3, 2018 @ 16:21 at 16:21

      Killing political leaders is a fools errand. Who would the Iranians assassinate in retaliation?? No one wants such a scenario, what possible benefit could there be?

      • Feb 4, 2018 @ 4:35 at 4:35

        No fear of retaliation. Smash them. They would kill us already if they could. They should fear threading at our borders.

      • Feb 7, 2018 @ 17:37 at 17:37

        Killing political leaders is different than killing terrorist leaders. The terrorist leaders should be killed anytime, anywhere.

    • Feb 3, 2018 @ 18:05 at 18:05

      One ?…… HizbAllah will smash you with 100’s of them, INSAALLAH…… You will be shredded into pieces….. THERE IS NO SUCH THING as “”ISRAEL””….. Don’t you ever forget that….. Nor the days NEBUCHADNEZZAR, by ALLAH’s will, took you as slaves, into captivity TO BABYLON, as despicable slaves, disgraced and FULL OF SIN…. YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED….. You are no more than a bunch of INFERIOR DESPICABLE “”THIEVES””….. And, THERE IS NO SUCH THING as “”ISRAEL””….. Start crying for your PUNISHMENT that is near……

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      • Feb 3, 2018 @ 23:35 at 23:35

        Just words, if you really want to take Jerusalem come and take it. We are inferior, despicable, monkeys, apes and thieves, and do not forget we are baby killers too. You are a delusional armchair coward.

        • Feb 4, 2018 @ 0:11 at 0:11

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          • Feb 4, 2018 @ 11:57 at 11:57

            You Iranian fuck. You are a fucking idiot. Your entire existence is built upon the foundation of Jews.. and then Christians.. That’s right. Idiotslam comes last in the line of Abrahamic faiths. Pity upon the Mudslime idiots. They are the only group of people (Arab, Persian, and all others) stupid enough to live under the oppression of MODERN TYRANTS like ASSAD, SADDAM, KHADDAFI, and AYATOLLAHS.

            I assure you that when the earth quakes ferociously, the foundation shall remain — Israel shall remain as it always has. Wave after wave of violent mudslimes will perish as they attempt to impart their violence and backwards thinking on Israel, and the world is better off this way. There is no heaven for you idiots, no virgins, only eternal suffering and damnation. Worship your false idol allah who compels you to commit acts of violence while the rest of us who know light and truth and G-d pray for your enlightenment though you do not deserve it.

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          • Feb 4, 2018 @ 19:00 at 19:00

            You should let it out and not sugar coat things.

          • Feb 6, 2018 @ 2:01 at 2:01

            You are a barking dog, just like your prophet of satan who you call mooohammed.

        • Feb 4, 2018 @ 6:13 at 6:13

          How many words of BS have the Moosefuckers at Moosad posted on these pages concerning the ISISrael beatdown in Syria?

      • Feb 4, 2018 @ 1:05 at 1:05

        Your “Allah” is merely Abraham’s G_d. There is no other Supreme Being or leader. There is no Islam beyond your self-delusion.

      • Feb 4, 2018 @ 3:35 at 3:35

        Iran is a house of cards. Time to bring it down.

        You cant afford a confrontation in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon at the same time.

        A war with Israel will bring in the US and the Russians will drop you like a hot potatoe.

        • Feb 4, 2018 @ 5:42 at 5:42

          ISISrael has gotten its face smashed in Syria, and now ApartheidIsrael stands poised and ready to lose the Stolen Golan.

          Any army of baby killers who shows its toughness by arresting teenagers at 4am scares NOBODY.

          • Feb 6, 2018 @ 2:04 at 2:04

            Arabs kill Arabs in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Lebanon, Turkey, Fascist Iraq, Pakistan – and the world wins.

      • Feb 4, 2018 @ 4:36 at 4:36


      • Feb 4, 2018 @ 10:39 at 10:39

        Obviously the fakestinians and shites are not real muslims! They only pretend to be muslims but are really nazi scum of the earth murderers that only goal in life is to murder innocent Jewish People who barely survived the Holocaust and Europes and Islamic countries attempts to support that genocide both during and ever since the Holocaust. These nasty Islamic countries are so racist that they ignore the Creator Of The Worlds Laws and they murder, murder, and murder the Jews and even their own families members and fellow Muslims. These muslims do not believe i ln G-d at all because they murder others against his will. The Islamists and Many Muslims are billions in number and have 800 times the size of land Israel has. If any Muslim would look at the map he would see that Israel is smaller than New York and tiny in size yet the muslim occupiers, murderers, serial rapists, imperialists, theives, liars, and abusers could not care about the truth and may continuing to murder Israel because they are really Nazis. My suggestion to real muslims who are also children of Avraham who Avraham prayed for and Hashem blessed to be a mighty nation out of love for Avraham to step back before you get hurt and dissassociate yourselves from Hezbollah, Iran, Shiite murderers, and Russia before the G-d od Israel punishes you measue for measure for your sins and evil. Whoever attacks Israel and joins the Iranian/Syrian/Russian alliance against Israel will fall. My advice to all good muslims is to distance yourself from those who seek to harm Israel in order to spare yourselves and your families. Choose peace and life. Those who bless Israel will be Blessed and those who cu?rse her will be cursed. Source? The Creator!

        • Feb 5, 2018 @ 4:53 at 4:53

          The creator also said those who believe Jesus as son of God and thru Jesus shall you be able to reach God .

          If Israel does not believe in Jesus, it shall not be protected as such but will face the wrath of God in the end days where only 144k Jewish Christians shall be saved.

          • Feb 5, 2018 @ 14:52 at 14:52

            The Jews pray to the same G-d who Abraham, Isaac and Jacob prayed to – all of whom lived before Jesus was born to Mary and Joseph, who were Jews.

      • Feb 4, 2018 @ 13:06 at 13:06

        Iran has been overtaken by Islamist pigs. Their own people know it but can’t overthrow the scum Mullahs without help. Their fascist leaders are on shaky ground and will soon find themselves with too much to handle at home to get involved with more war. Who, by the way are the colonists and imperialists today with war being waged in Yeman, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, etc.? It is the Islamists who spread their evil ideology world wide.

        • Feb 5, 2018 @ 4:54 at 4:54

          Who told you that? Your grandfather?

          Iran has not to this day invaded another country but not yours.

          • Feb 5, 2018 @ 14:54 at 14:54

            The Iraq/Islamofascist Iran War of 1980 to 1988 prove you wrong. 1 million died.

            Sad that Muslims can’t get along with each other (sunni/shiite).

          • Feb 5, 2018 @ 17:53 at 17:53

            This Islamist/Western leftist Islamist sympathizer repetitive talking point about Iran “never invading another country”, is tiresome. In 1946, Iran helped themselves to southern Azerbaijan, and under international law, embassy grounds do not belong to the host country. So, the 1979 invasion of the US Embassy grounds by Iranian Islamist cockroaches counts as another one, that has not been forgotten in America. Pay back time coming soon. No more politically correct sissies like the Bushes, Clintons and Obamas running the show. Death to all Islamist scum, and their sissified Western sympathizers.

      • Feb 5, 2018 @ 5:12 at 5:12

        Israel has prevailed over its enemies. You are just the latest incarnation. You will be buried too.

      • Feb 5, 2018 @ 6:24 at 6:24

        To the idiot above.
        Hizballah is a terrified, scarred and weak entity hiding like its coward leader Nassarallah underground.
        Hizballah knows if they misstep, Israel (Nation State forever of the Jews) will destroy them.
        That’s why they remained silent and inactive when Trump declared the Truth that Jerusalem was our eternal capital.
        The Arabs attacked us 4 times and we obliterated them.
        Same will happen to Hizballah and it knows that!

        • Feb 5, 2018 @ 12:22 at 12:22

          Why you always lying here? there was no Israel before 1948,fyi, All Israel wars was “innitiated” by Israel using bogus pretext(pre-emptive etc), except 1973 war.Just recently Israel plan to extent Golan Area deep inside Syria with reason to create another security buffer zone, the same reason they have used in last 6 decades, you know what? this security buffer zone then would be populated by illegal settler.

    • Feb 3, 2018 @ 19:33 at 19:33

      yes … a missed opportunity

  • Feb 3, 2018 @ 14:44 at 14:44

    That bone head successor no 2 , will never understand any briefing that Iranian or Hizballah officers give him nor will he understand Israeli military formations.
    He should stick to giving prizes for best beards.

    • Feb 4, 2018 @ 5:44 at 5:44

      Or kicking ISISrael ass in Syria, much to the chagrin of the Zionist widowmakers!

      How many nubile young lasses from ApartheidIsrael’s little army of baby-murderers got used as Comfort Women to service alCIAda mercenaries in the Stolen Golan?

      • Feb 4, 2018 @ 10:56 at 10:56

        You are an idiot! Israel is smaller than New York just look at the map or globe moron. Apartheid applies to muslim countries you racist loser. The Muslims have 800 times the size of land that Israel has but they are so greedy that this obviously not enough since they still feel Israel having a little land is too much! Israel and Jews are not allowed in most Muslim countries cause most muslim countries are racist and dont even allow Jews to play sports against them. Islamic counties by the way kill all non muslims such as jews, catholics, hindus, armenians, kurds, etc. Does that mean Islamic countries are Apartheid or are simply practicing genocide? Maybe Israel is only trying to survive The European and Islamic Nazi genocidal machines and alliances and teach the world G-ds laws of though shalt not murder and should only believe in The One and Only True G-d and Creator and Master of The World. The Torah, Ten Commandments, and Noahide Laws given to all man kind says not to murder so stop cheering for Jews or anyone else to be killed you evil murderer.

        • Feb 5, 2018 @ 12:44 at 12:44

          Lie again, there is large jew popultion in Iran, second to Israel, as for other Muslim countries, for begining just read “Lavon Affair’, The Zionist jew masquarade as Arab thugs terrorize jews to leave his natives and go to Israel.

      • Feb 4, 2018 @ 12:27 at 12:27

        Israel didn’t just steal the Golan, they fucked your damned by allah asses in the process. ?

    • Feb 4, 2018 @ 13:10 at 13:10

      He should go back to Iran before he gets his dress dirty!

  • Feb 3, 2018 @ 14:45 at 14:45

    They are afraid. I wouldn’t care I would travel to Israel myself and fight these devils.

    • Feb 3, 2018 @ 17:36 at 17:36

      Another office worker soldier wanting to take on the masters and battle hardened professionals.

      Great go ahead, if Israel dare to go into Lebanon now that Syria, Iran , Lebanese army etc will join in all experts in door to door Battle. Iran even has a land bridge now.

      So how the heck can Israel stop Iran?
      Likely instead of Israel invading Lebanon, hey would be invading Israel

      So make peace not war.
      Time is different now

      • Feb 3, 2018 @ 19:50 at 19:50

        yes, Iran/Hizballah can call on thousands of experienced insurgents to lead their military formations in the occupation of the atomic terror state. just saying

        • Feb 5, 2018 @ 9:58 at 9:58

          Experienced insurgents hahahahahahahaha

          towlheaded bearded alladin pants wearing alahuakbars

          They will be vaporized at Israel’s borders. There will be no insurgency.

          Israel is not indonesia or some other place that is going to be easy for mudslimes to pillage, Jack.

      • Feb 4, 2018 @ 13:17 at 13:17

        Iran is a 3rd world tyranny. Tyrants usually die at the hands of their own people who now understand that the pigs in power are sqandering their future on jihadist war. If war eith western forces ever did break out, then the regulars would not perform well because they hate their own leaders just as much or more than the rest of the world.

      • Feb 4, 2018 @ 22:19 at 22:19

        Funny thing about bridges, they do have a tendency to be taken down and fall, if Iran really thinks the war is won before the opening shots they are complete disillusioned idiots. Israel can wipe out that so-called land bridge very quickly and coming through Syria is a death trap, lots of US bases there to destroy the extremely long convoys, send the Iranians they will be trapped and slaughtered.Lebanon must have lost any brains they thought they might have had, Israels just drives north and adds more territory, attack Israel and they annex Lebanon and get the Gaza completely destroyed for added benefit. Even if Iran could get sufficient forces you idiots have totally forgotten Israels massive Nuclear weapons stockpile, you are all dead, Boom.

    • Feb 3, 2018 @ 21:03 at 21:03

      Steve: you are right! They are afraid. ha satan knows that they are gong to be defeated. That’s why they send the most important idiots in their country to examine border defenses that are invisible, because they are not there. They have a middle age mentality. Good for Israel!!!

    • Feb 4, 2018 @ 0:41 at 0:41

      dont forget your diapers israel solders ware them when they pissing their pants running away

      • Feb 4, 2018 @ 5:48 at 5:48

        Losing every conflict in which they enter, for decades, has enabled the Zionist Land Grabber army to perfect the diapers worn by its infantry”

        “Running away from Hizbollah fighters is tough, and the IDF demands diapers that contain mad rushes of urine in moments of high tension!” That’s why the IDF uses only Shmata brand adult diapers!

  • Feb 3, 2018 @ 15:46 at 15:46

    So long as the the conflict is not carried into Iran’s borders, the preparations and the rhetoric will go on. It is imperative to convert Iran to a battlefield like the Arab territories

    • Feb 3, 2018 @ 17:37 at 17:37


    • Feb 4, 2018 @ 5:50 at 5:50

      Sorry, your army of baby killers don’t got the chops.

      Iran isn’t Ahed Tamimi. The world sees ApartheidIsrael for the COWARDS they are.

      NuttyYahoo and Fatboy Avgidor are world laughingstocks!

  • Feb 3, 2018 @ 15:52 at 15:52

    WHAT a missed opportunity to finish him ! This is the 2nd. missed opportunity so far, if Israel would have taken that 1st. “visit” out, the 2nd. never would have happened !

  • Feb 3, 2018 @ 16:17 at 16:17

    Israel is weak like us in the states are militarys wont do a thing until its to late.

  • Feb 3, 2018 @ 16:42 at 16:42

    Too bad the Iranian people cant rise up and overthrow these hateful warmongers. Many, many of them are going to die for nothing. Israel will not have their homeland hit and not take the war straight home to Iran and anyone else that wants to join in..its totally stupid. Why don’t these idiots pack up their stuff and go home and build their country instead of ensuring another bloodbath?

    • Feb 4, 2018 @ 5:53 at 5:53

      Why don’t the white europeans go back home, and return the land they stole from semites?

      Your little experiment in ethnic cleansing and genocide has clearly failed. NuttyYahoo gets you nothing.

      Game over.

      • Feb 4, 2018 @ 8:52 at 8:52

        No, it hasn’t failed that’s why the Israelis are actually still there. You aren’t very well informed about the nature of Israel’s population and where they actually come from. Over 50% of Israeli Jews are from neighboring arab muslim shitholes, where they have been persecuted, property stolen, victims of real genocide perpetrated on them by muslim thugs of various descriptions – and so very lucky to end up alive and in Israel. They don’t come from “Europe” at all. Did you know? That rather reduce in size – the muslim “balestinian” (there’s no “p” in arabic – the term and identity of Palestine was stolen from the Jews too) population has actually increased?! If Israel is committing ‘genocide” – then they’re not very good at it. XXXOOO

      • Feb 4, 2018 @ 10:59 at 10:59

        You are an idiot! Israel is smaller than New York just look at the map or globe moron. Apartheid applies to muslim countries you racist loser. The Muslims have 800 times the size of land that Israel has but they are so greedy that this obviously not enough since they still feel Israel having a little land is too much! Israel and Jews are not allowed in most Muslim countries cause most muslim countries are racist and dont even allow Jews to play sports against them. Islamic counties by the way kill all non muslims such as jews, catholics, hindus, armenians, kurds, etc. Does that mean Islamic countries are Apartheid or are simply practicing genocide? Maybe Israel is only trying to survive The European and Islamic Nazi genocidal machines and alliances and teach the world G-ds laws of though shalt not murder and should only believe in The One and Only True G-d and Creator and Master of The World. The Torah, Ten Commandments, and Noahide Laws given to all man kind says not to murder so stop cheering for Jews or anyone else to be killed you evil murderer.

      • Feb 4, 2018 @ 11:41 at 11:41

        Ob kir to cheshet ya pedar sag —

  • Feb 3, 2018 @ 17:04 at 17:04

    “Allah willing, we shall soon witness the liberation of Jerusalem!”

    So far Allah has been busy for 1400 years willing his Sunni and Shia followers kill each other in the thousands and getting his way

    Are these people for real ?

    • Feb 3, 2018 @ 20:36 at 20:36

      To the Sunni and the Shi’a keep killing each as Allah commands. You have inferior DNA. Find martyrdom. It is your way. Darkness comes from being descendants of the bastard. Your blood is of poor quality. Light will always overcome the dark. Rap the towel a little tighter.

  • Feb 3, 2018 @ 19:31 at 19:31

    Don’t you mean in the millions?

  • Feb 3, 2018 @ 19:44 at 19:44

    Excellent speech from the towel head….

  • Feb 3, 2018 @ 20:30 at 20:30

    Is it a coincidence that Purim begins in this month? Just as the ancient prime minister of Persia (Iran), Haman, had a decree written to destroy all the Jews, G_d turned it around and caused him to be hanged on the very gallows he meant for the Jew Mordecai. Also, the Jews were commissioned to defend themselves against the decree by taking up arms against all those who sought them harm. They did and defeated them all. Praise be to G_d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob! It is written “I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you; and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” Genesis 12:3

    • Feb 4, 2018 @ 22:44 at 22:44

      Gen 12:3, nothing more to add. I wish the world would wake up to the fact that Islam does not follow the same God as the God of Israel.

      I am a Christian, but fully understand who the Jews are, what they mean, and how important to God they are. I consider the land of Israel to be God’s land given to the Jews. Not one inch of it is to be given up by man, it’s disrespectful.

      2 major wars and even the Israelis can’t see the hand of God in those battles. He will

  • Feb 3, 2018 @ 23:00 at 23:00

    The bearded Trannie was there for a little r and r with the Trannie Nutswallower and the young Shiia boys they love so much and to bring back some Camels with LARGE cocks for the FAGATOLLAH Khameini to enjoy.

    • Feb 3, 2018 @ 23:06 at 23:06

      He must get along really well with your trannie mom

      • Feb 4, 2018 @ 5:56 at 5:56

        As you know MY MOM IS NOT A TRANNIE!

        She is a shamoutha persian whore who got raped by a camel who was raped by my Arab father.

        That’s why I hate Arabs and Persians so much. I haven’t stolen semite land, because I live in a New Jersey suburb. I cheer on ISISrael from there!

    • Feb 4, 2018 @ 3:34 at 3:34

      Jim , you are a riot . cracked me up , I couldn’t stop laughing..keep up th e good work ! 🙂

      • Feb 4, 2018 @ 4:14 at 4:14

        Thank you my friend. It is a tough job but someone has to do it!

  • Feb 3, 2018 @ 23:23 at 23:23

    Iran will destroy Israel’s infrastructure in next war !

    • Feb 4, 2018 @ 9:14 at 9:14

      That could possibly occur. But, I don’t think there will anything left of Iran to rebuild. Everyone is expecting the muslims to try to destroy Israel again…and we have been told of the many “surprises” that the muslim armies have in stall for Israel…and it is very concerning what deaths and damage will occur…but one of the reasons the muslim arabs have not been able to ever defeat Israel is because they boast too much and under estimate their enemy – Not much thought about what little Israel has been getting ready for them… I do hope Iran and Hizbollah try some commonsense and build their own countries instead…but its looking like they all want to die (again) for nothing.

  • Feb 4, 2018 @ 0:10 at 0:10

    Lebanon has now had two very high ranking people from Iran to inspect the front line. Reason: they are planning to go to war against Israel very soon and Israel knows it, so does the Russians that is why the Russians sent that high ranking delegation to Israel. Russia also does not want Iran to take over Syria and Lebanon. If they manage to do it then Iran is going to build a oil and gas pipeline across Iraq and Syria to the Mediterranean and sell oil and natural gas to the Europeans. The Russians do not want that either. The sale of oil and gas is how the the Russians have some control over the Europeans so they don’t get attacked for a fifth time. There is going to be a war this year. Maybe before May.

  • Feb 4, 2018 @ 0:33 at 0:33

    Dear Debka, Please would you clean up this thread and take out the disgusting talk and personal attacks..whomever it comes from, whatever side they take. Thankyou.

    • Feb 4, 2018 @ 4:17 at 4:17

      I agree with you. It is TERRIBLE to have Camel prick LOVERS and a Sharmouta’s child like Bruce Lee posting here.

    • Feb 4, 2018 @ 5:57 at 5:57

      It’s not like I can control that my mom is persian who got raped by an Arab camel.

    • Feb 4, 2018 @ 9:17 at 9:17

      Yes, why cant people just put their ideas and thoughts up instead resorting to stupidity? I agree right now the forum here is a mess.

  • Feb 4, 2018 @ 0:58 at 0:58

    Fools who want to take on the Israeli military might have a death wish.

    • Feb 4, 2018 @ 6:22 at 6:22

      Or they might realize that NuttyYahoo’s army excels only at taking Uncle Sam’s welfare checks and bombing schools from 35,000 feet.

      Who fears an army that can’t fight?

      • Feb 4, 2018 @ 9:31 at 9:31

        This is the type of non-thinking bravado I mentioned elsewhere. Nobody is going to take on Israel and come out of the exercise without being totally obliterated. Israel is too small a country to sustain an all out attack without it becoming an existential situation very quickly. So, significant weapons will be used to destroy the enemy’s ability to wage war. This means massive destruction. The prophesies may well be realised.

        The question”…Who fears an army that can’t fight?” Well, certainly an army lead by imbeciles that has not learned from history and under-estimates their enemy. The term to be used here is :”foolhardy”.

  • Feb 4, 2018 @ 1:26 at 1:26

    Israel will never fall again my friend and, should Hezbollah or Hamas push Israel into a confrontation, you and your supporters had best prepare your case to present to Allah………..although I doubt he’ll listen to those who value death over life.

    • Feb 4, 2018 @ 6:24 at 6:24

      Hizbollah kicks the colonialist land-grabbers ass every few years. Moreover, they obliterated ISISrael from Syria.

      If jaw-flapping equalled military might, the squatter colony might induce fear.

      As it stands, Fatboy Avgidor is just a punk bitch who loses wars.

  • Feb 4, 2018 @ 1:48 at 1:48

    i am curious, with trump in the beit laban
    -the next dust up will he let the idf go all the way
    -or does he demand ceasefire

  • Feb 4, 2018 @ 3:40 at 3:40

    Yes, that’s right and Iran will be a glowing sand crater, full of radioactive roaches..

    • Feb 4, 2018 @ 6:26 at 6:26

      Meanwhile, al Quds will be in the hands of its historical inhabitants and the fly-by-night european ethnic cleansers will have scattered in fear, fleeing back to Hollywood, at the sound of apparent bottle rockets.

    • Feb 5, 2018 @ 3:05 at 3:05

      If war begin, it is possible that US and Russians interfere for the sake of their interests, that means russian atomic arsenal will be a backup for iran

  • Feb 4, 2018 @ 6:29 at 6:29

    I am really bummed that our beloved bothers in ISIS have gotten pulverized so badly in Syria.

    With all we have done to help out ISIS, no wonder the Axis of Resistance is prepping to punch us in the face.

  • Feb 4, 2018 @ 7:33 at 7:33

    Israel forever 🙂

    • Feb 5, 2018 @ 14:46 at 14:46

      Pal-e-SWINE Never. 🙂

  • Feb 4, 2018 @ 9:39 at 9:39

    Reading some of these comments by people who cant wait for war with Israel, some how think that there will be a ‘day after’ for their heroic muslim warriors…its as if they cant wait to try out their new ‘toys’ and kill a few Jews. Its as if they cant wait for Israel to vaporise their cities and culture (hopefully their death cult too) is just sheer lunacy. No winners just death and everything turned to burning rubble.

  • Feb 4, 2018 @ 9:57 at 9:57

    Read this all muslims! Hagar, your fore mother was a slave of Sarah ( fore mother of Jews ) therefore you are descendants of a slave and can’t have any claims on Jerusalem or any part of Holy Land. And do yourself a favor: check how big was the land promised by G-d to Jewish fore father Avraham: it covers half of Lebanon, half of Syria, entire Jordan, most of Iraq. It was never fulfilled , but will be. G-d delivers on His promises. Islam, just like Christianity and g-zilion other religions will fall. There can be only one truth. Israel is there to stay . G-d will gather Jews from 4 corners of the world to a Holy Land. The third Temple will be build in Jerusalem in the same place where two previous Temples stood and will stand forever. Jewish Messiah ( not fake Cristian or 12th Imam ) will reveal himself and will rule Humanity. The show started with Jews and will finish with Jews. There will be Peace on planet Earth forever.

  • Feb 4, 2018 @ 12:06 at 12:06

    Mudslimes pray for violence, and they will receive violence, not the way they want it, but the reverse. Jews pray for peace but when dealing with these stupid mudslimes, it seems lasting peace will only come after extreme violence.

    By aligning with mudslimes in some perverted attempt to bring back the glory days of the USSR, putin is setting his people up for a world of pain and economic slavery. Good luck!

  • Feb 4, 2018 @ 12:54 at 12:54

    thats what i called “balanced” journalism. murder loving racists of both sides converging here. Dont take it lightly, it is probably the only place.

  • Feb 4, 2018 @ 18:43 at 18:43

    Who can tell when Iran/Persia won a war last time.
    Hint: it happened more then 200 years ago.

    • Feb 5, 2018 @ 2:16 at 2:16

      In syria

    • Feb 5, 2018 @ 14:41 at 14:41

      Fascist Iran couldn’t even beat Sadaams Iraq. They had an 8 year war (1980-1988) where 1 million people died – fought to a draw.

      Today Arabs/Musims fight each other in Syria – 500,000 have died.

  • Feb 5, 2018 @ 7:31 at 7:31

    I see a whole bunch of chihuahuas here barking at each other, but not much action. This has been going on for eternity. Let’s get it on boys!

  • Feb 8, 2018 @ 10:54 at 10:54

    Is there a lack of hellfire rockets?
    Why was no live rocket donated to them?
    Would be a sacrifice of one rocket for some terrorists and their chief.
    Not too bad, right?

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