Lebanon reportedly unmasks “Mossad” network spying also on Syria

The Lebanese arm confirms media report Saturday, Nov. 1, that the head of a suspected Mossad spy ring was picked up at his home in the Lebanese Beqaa Valley W. Lebanon, with several family members, after lengthy surveillance in Lebanon and Syria He is not named in the report. They ring is said to have operated since 1980.
According to the report, a search of their Mitsubishi Pajero turned up a long-angle camera for detailed photography of facial features and vehicle number plates. His neighbors reported they had seen his car parked main highways between Shtaura in the Beqaa Valley and the Lebanese-Syrian border terminal at Massena. They said he had been staking out Lebanese, Syrian, and Palestinian movements. In recent months, he allegedly focused on Hizballah forces and leaders.
A state of the art communications gear was found in the suspected ringleader’s home.
Among his activities, the “agent” is suspected of keeping watch on sensitive parts of Damascus and of mapping the high-end Kfar Sousa district where Hizballah’s military chief, Imad Mughniyeh, was killed last February.
Lebanese and Syrian investigators are digging for a direct connection between the alleged Mossad spy ring and the assassination of Mughniyeh and other persons in the two countries.

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