Los Angeles Vs New York over school terror threat: And the winner is ISIS

The 640,000 students and teachers of more than a thousand schools in six districts of greater Los Angeles were sent home Tuesday, Dec. 15, over a threat -“not to one but to many schools” that was delivered electronically to a “student at school” from an address in Frankfurt, Germany.  All school buildings were shut down for a comprehensive search and will be reopened after the appropriate authorities have continued the process of evaluating and vetting them. Only then will the students be allowed to return – another day or more. Although many threats are received, this one is being taken very seriously as a credible threat after the San Bernardino massacre, said school authorities and police. The FBI has been notified of the unspecified threat and will deliver a statement later.

This was the biggest mass evacuation over a terror threat ever seen in the United States.
debkafile’s terrorism experts maintain that even if no bomb is found and no attack takes place, the terrorists targeting the West, chiefly the Islamic State, will have won a major victory by causing massive disruption of normal life in a major US city by a remote electronic mail threat. The weapon they used was fear.
A cold shower came later from New York City, where officials said they received the same threat, but quickly concluded that it was a hoax. New York Police Commissioner William Bratton said the person who wrote the note claimed to be a jihadist, but made errors that made it clear the person was a prankster. Bratton said he thought Los Angeles officials overreacted.

However, the city still lives under the shadow of the San Bernardino outrage in which 14 people were murdered by a pair of Islamist terrorists. It was not lightened by President Barack Obama’s attempt Monday, Dec. 13 to assure Americans “We are hitting ISIL harder than ever.”
Time will tell whether Los Angeles or New York got it right.



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