Lyubov Razdolsky, 73, was murdered, 48 people injured, by pair of Palestinian suicide bombers in southern Israel town of Dimona

Her husband is still in critical condition. The terror alert has been raised in Israel to highest level, focusing on the South, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
The first bomber wore a 5-10 kilo explosive vest and blew it up in Dimona’s shopping center. Among the casualties were women and children. A second Palestinian bomber was shot dead by an Israeli police officer before he could detonate his device. Police explosive experts are preparing to defuse his bomb belt. He was apparently standing by to hit the emergency teams when they arrived to evacuate the wounded.
Fatah’s al Aqsa Brigades held a news conference in Gaza to claim responsibility for the attack and disclose that the two killers came from Gaza and entered Israel through Sinai.
debkafile‘s military sources: Israel’s secret nuclear center is located outside Dimona, a Negev town situated south of the West Bank and east of the Egyptian border. The Palestinian terrorists must have carefully planned the operation. They may have been assisted by local Arab Bedouin trackers.
Southern Israel has been on high terror alert for 10 days since Palestinian terrorists reached unfenced Egyptian-Israeli Sinai border from Gaza.
The last Palestinian suicide bombing attack took place in Israel Jan. 29, 2007, killing three people in the southern town of Eilat. Several attempts from the West Bank have been thwarted by Israel’s Shin Bet and military counter-operations.

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