Man in Gas Mask Shoots 16 in Brooklyn Subway Rush-Hour Attack. Five of the gunshot victims were critically injured

At least 10 Brooklyn subway riders were shot Tuesday by a man wearing a gas mask and a green construction vest who tossed a smoke canister in the train car to distract the rush hour crowd before opening fire in what law enforcement is considering a lone gunman investigation, officials and law enforcement sources said.
Five of the gunshot victims were said to be critically injured.
Details on the nature of their wounds weren’t immediately clear. There are no known explosive devices on any subway trains in the city at this time, NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell said.
The shooter remained on the loose more than three hours after he opened fire on the train at the 36th Street and Fourth Avenue station in Sunset Park around 8:30 a.m.
Some of the 10 wounded were in the same train car as the suspect. Others were on the platform, authorities said. The train was still moving when Sewell says he donned a gas mask, threw a smoke canister on the subway car floor and started shooting.
The train stopped at the next station, at 25th Street. Greenish smoke was seen spewing from the subway doors when the Manhattan-bound N train stopped at the platform. People were seen running, and bleeding. In total, 16 were hurt. The half-dozen victims not injured by gunfire were hurt in the crowd response to the chaos.
One straphanger who limped off the train fell and had to be helped away by fellow riders. Other photos showed people bleeding on the platform. Some of the wounded jumped on another train to flee to the next station, law enforcement sources said.

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