Mass-Terror Alerts Peak in US, Europe and Israel

With the approaching end of Ramadan – marked Sunday, Monday and Tuesday by the Eid el Fitr celebrations – and the Christmas-New Year break, counter-terror authorities in the US, Britain, Canada, Germany and Israel have raised the alert level for major terrorist hits. They are taking into account the possibility of nuclear, chemical and biological strikes, as well as conventional multiple strikes, mainly in the big towns. London is considered a major target, as well as other British cities. The United States and Israel have urgently warned the German government to prepare for attacks on transport facilities – international airports, seaports, railways and major motorway hubs. Israel expects more attacks in its own cities, possibly on a larger scale than hitherto, the threats coming from West Bank and Gaza Strip suicides, but also at the hands of terrorists – Palestinian, Lebanese Hizballah or even al Qaeda – infiltrating the country from overseas. Israel’s air force and navy are on the ready in case of missile attacks on Israeli and US targets – not only from Iraq and Syria but also from Hizballah and al Qaeda.

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