Military sources: 100 million Israeli shekels Barak approved for Gaza will feed Hamas war chest

Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak ordered the 100 million Israeli shekels in currency bills (equivalent to $25.6 million) to be transferred by Israeli armored cars to the Gaza Strip via the West Bank Wednesday, Dec. 10. He bowed to appeals from Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayad and the governor of the Bank of Israel Stanley Fischer. The latter was concerned by complaints from the World Bank that Gaza’s banks were closing their doors for lack of cash and the Hamas administration was unable to cover its payroll.
Military sources told debkafile: This is a repeat performance of Hamas’ fuel scam.
This is how it works: Hamas hoards high-quality fuel from Israel in secret emergency stores ready for use by its military units against an Israeli incursion of the Gaza Strip.
Israeli fuel supplies thus support Hamas’ war against Israel.
Meanwhile, Hamas tunnels from Egyptian Sinai are used to smuggle low quality diesel fuel, estimated at 1 million liters a week, which is sold to the population at top prices for cash.
Neither the Egyptian nor the Israeli authorities lift a finger to stop this nefarious traffic.
When Palestinian missile attacks escalate and Israel suspends its fuel supplies through the Gaza crossings, Hamas stages power outages for the benefit of the world media to show how Israel is starving the Palestinians of the energy needed for running Gaza’s hospitals and power stations.
The shekel shortage is another piece of theater directed by Hamas in the certainty that Israel’s defense leaders will bow to outside pressure and deliver.
By the same token, the Palestinian extremists were certain that nothing would come of the special discussion held Wednesday by prime minister Ehud Olmert, foreign minister Tzipi Livni, Barak, military officials and intelligence directors on whether to extend the six-month “ceasefire” when it expires on Dec. 16. The conference was planned as a serious review of the options for dealing with the incessant Palestinian missile blitz – more than 200 fired in less than a month, including four Grad Katyusha rockets – and the state of play between Gaza and the West Bank.
The defense minister chose to wave the missile assault aside and wave through a resupply of cash for Hamas’ war chest on the same day as this critical discussion.
debkafile‘s political sources report that Barak’s purpose was to humiliate Livni – as Labor and Kadima leaders they head rival parties facing a general election. Livni has taken the position that passivity is no answer for the Hamas offensive and a substantial Israeli military response can no longer be avoided.

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