Defense Minister asks President to pardon Hebron soldier

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has turned to President Reuven Rivlin with a recommendation to pardon Elor Azaria, the IDF soldier jailed for manslaughter by a military court  after shooting dead an injured Palestinian terrorist in Hebron. “It’s time to put an end to an affair which has rocked Israeli society and apply a measure of mercy and compassion to the soldier’s case,” he advised.


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2 thoughts on “Defense Minister asks President to pardon Hebron soldier

  • Nov 6, 2017 @ 4:17 at 4:17

    It is about time that the Israeli Government, and Army officials stop releasing terrorists and let Sergeant Elor Azariyah free for his alleged crime of killing an armed terrorist had just finished trying to murder a fellow Israeli soldier and innocent Israeli citizens and children. Furthermore I don’t understand how Chief of Staff and Ex-Defense Minister does not stand by their own soldiers but misplace their compassion for the murderous terrorist. They would have locked him up for 7 years at most and probably released him to kill more Jews. It makes me sick to see how they endandgered Sergeant Azariyah’s entire family in the Media spotlight. Israel should make him an officer and promote him and pay damages for the pain suffering and risk his family have been put into because of their poor decision making especially for Ex-Defense Minister making verdict himself before his case came to trial. He is no judge and should not have acted as one. At least we know that one soldier could finish off a terrorist whereas the Israeli government saves their lives and let’s them back out to murder more Israelis and supports their high end lifestyles while in Jail and religious rights. Would Israel also protect the religious rights of Nazi’s. We must kick out or kill all the terrorists and all of their family members from which they come from should be exiled from our land then maybe Jewish women and children will be safe walking the streets of Israel. Avraham was right when he listened to his wife Sarah who said to kick out the viscious Yishmael from his house when he was shooting arrows at Yitzchak in the Torah. G-d instructed Avraham to listen to Sarah Immeinu and he did kick him out to protect the life of his child Yitzchak. Looks like it is time Israel do the same and any Arab or Muslim who riots on streets of Israwel or throws a rock should be kicked out of the Land of Israel exactly how Sarah and Avraham through Yishmael out.

  • Nov 6, 2017 @ 10:49 at 10:49

    “… alleged crime of killing an armed terrorist..” – I think the conviction tells us that it wasn’t “alleged”…the other thing is that this is visible to the world so whatever happens will send a couple of signals…one to other soldiers doing a similar job as this soldier and set the tone for future cases and another to the world that Israel doesn’t act according to its own law in punishing soldiers when they err…will Israel act properly and according to the Geneva convention therefore if need be in the event of war? this will set a precedent for others to judge Israel’s actions in the future…not an easy one to solve..


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