Bids to soften first legal reform bill as more military reservists join protest

Compromise formats for the government’s bill to curb the High Court\s powers are offered on Sunday, as tens of thousands of protest marchers converge on the Knesset to disrupt the vote on Monday and Tuesday. The protest movement gained further momentuam as the 1,194 reservist airmen refusing to turn up for duty are joined by 10,000 reservists from other military duty.

The IDF Lt. Gen. Hetzi Halevi spoke out in a special message to the troops against the reservists’ refusal to serve in protest against the anti-government legal reform campaign” They must realize, he said that “without a unified and strong military Israel’s very survival is in jeopardy.”

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant added his voice to the bid to delay legislation in order to calm the furious national debate and limit its divisive impact on the armed forces.

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