“A check for every citizen” – a scheme launched by Netanyahu


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told a TV audience Wednesday night that every citizen would receive a chexk directly to his bank account in the coming days: NIS750 ($219) or every individual over 18; NIS2,000 ($524) for family with one child; NIS2,500 ($730) for a family with two children; and NIS3,000 ($875) for a family with three children. The gift-checks would be deposited in the coming days – unless the scheme faces opposition or endless debating in the Knesset. The project is designed, the prime minister explained, to stimulate consumption and therefore start turning the wheels of retail and industry. It will operate alongside the long-term economic program he and the finance minister launched last week and the added restrictions to prevent the rising covid-19 infection forcing another lockdown.

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