A million refugees flee Ukraine if first week of Russian invasion


The UN Refugee Agency estimates than a million Ukrainians fled their country in the first seven days of the Russian invasion. Unofficial figures are much higher, accompanied by heartrending scenes at the borders. The exodus, the largest in a century, is swelling with the escalation of Russian attacks on the cities. The Habad community evacuated to Moldova a complete orphanage ranging in age from newborns to teens from embattled Kharkiv on Wednesday. More missile and artillery fire pounded the city. Kherson in the south fell to Russian forces Wednesday night, the first city to be taken over by the invaders after fierce local resistance. Four large explosions were reported in the heart of the capital, Kyiv early Thursday. The Russian column picked up pace on its move to the west of the city after receiving fresh fuel and other supplies.  A second arm of the huge column has surrounded the capital’s northern suburbs.

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