After 12 rockets from Gaza, Israel hits back at Hamas. Disturbance on Temple Mount. Gunfire injures soldier near Hebron

A dozen rockets fired from the Gaza Strip before dawn Wednesday caused no casualties but hit a Sderot factory.  Most were intercepted by Iron Dome. After an IDF air strike on a Hamas arms workshops and store – for the first rocket volley, a second was conducted when the rockets kept on coming – this time including cross-border tank fire. On Temple Mount, police detained 350 suspects after a large group of masked men barricaded thensekves in Al Aqsa Mosque and loosed hails of rocks and firecrackers. Jews will be allowed to visit Temple Mount Wednesday morning, ahead of the Passover Eve Seder feast. Outside Hebron, a Palestinian gunman injured a soldier.

Israeli security forces have been on high alert on all fronts this month  for unrest in the Muslim month of Ramadan.

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