Another Israeli record – 8,919 new covid cases in 24 hours

 As the number of new covid-19 cases hit a new high of 8,919 (out of 68,128 tests), the coronavirus cabinet decided on Wednesday night to add three days to the full lockdown period, extending it to Oct. 14. The ministers confirmed the regulations restricting participants in demonstrations during this period to 1 km from their homes and gatherings of no more than 20. In Tel Aviv anti-government protesters clashed with police on Wednesday night. Visits to private homes by non-members of a household were also prohibited. This applies to the Succoth festival beginning on Friday, during which it is the custom to invite friends and relatives to join the celebration in ritual, symbolic structures (succoth). The traditional large structures able to accommodate thousands were nonetheless thrown up in the Mea Shearim ultra-religious district of Jerusalem.

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