Another night of violent Arab riots. Police make 1,000 arrests


Jerusalem, Lod, Tiberias and Ramleh were torn by Arab rampages against Jews overnight Saturday, as extra police units were flown in to restore order and block main highways. The Jerusalem suburbs of Bet Hanina, Sheikh Jarrah and Shuafat were gripped by the violence, as well as Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem. In Ramleh, young Arabs waited for a rocket attack from Gaza on the mixed Israeli town, before tossing firebombs into home shelters. Masked assailants hurled firebombs at police forces and set tires on fire. In Tiberias, Arabs from nearby villages set about Jewish residents with sticks. Major intercity highways were blocked to traffic, after vehicles were attacked and Jewish drivers threatened with lynching The police report more than 1,000 arrests, half of which have been indicted for attempted murder.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz extended the state of emergency regulations and the IDF offered helicopters for ferrying police reinforcements between flashpoints.


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