Anti-reform protesters raise stakes, gear up for another day of disruption

After the coalition pushed forward the “override” clause of its judicial overhaul through its first reading, protesters blocked access to government offices in Jerusalem on Tuesday by binding themselves together in a row. Two were arrested. The protest movement is gearing up for another  day of national disruption on Thursday. First, they plan to dislocate Ben Gurion airport to sabotage prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s trips this week to Berlin and Paris. Israelis based in France, Germany and the UK are already rallying against Netanyahu and his reform plan, as the protest shows more signs of a personal vendetta against the Likud prime minister. The coalition intends to get entire plan processed into law through its second and third readings law before the Knesset rises for its Passover recess in just over two weeks. Opposition MKs threaten a mass boycott, refusing to address certain unilateral modifications in the first drafts that are being offered by some Likud lawmakers..


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