Arab media: Gaza ceasefire at 20.00 hours Sunday. No word from Israel

Citing Palestinian Islamic Jihad sources, the Arabic Al Arabiya and al Jazeera outlets report that Israel and the terrorist group have agreed on a ceasefire going into effect at 8 o’clock local time on Sunday night. No word has come from the Israeli side. Palestinian rocket fire continued without pause Sunday afternoon, targeting Rishon Lezion, Beersheba and Sderot; Israeli air strikes against Jihad’s Gaza  installations went on uninterrupted.

The truce was reported by Arab media to have been struck directly between Cairo and PIJ without Hamas involvement. They claimed that after Egyptian announces the ceasefire, Israel-Gaza border crossings would be reopened, and normal life restored. Egypt was said to have pledged to stay on the case of the Jihadi leader Bassem a Saadi, whose detention in Jenin last week triggered Jihad’s threat of violent retaliation, followed by Israel’s three day-pre-emptive operation and the launch of more than 750 Palestinian rockets into Israel. Less than one third made it across the border and most were intercepted by Iron Dome.


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