As lockdown winds down, Prof Ash concerned by high covid figures

“We are beginning to ease our way out of lockdown although the covid infection figures are way too high,” said the coronavirus director Prof. Nahum Ash on Sunday. That morning, after four weeks of lockdown, Israelis were allowed to step out of home outside the 1-km limit, open street shops, vacation as families in small resorts, attend jobs that don’t receive the public and go to the hairdresser. Some schools are scheduled to reopen on Tuesday, but the exact limits are still to be hammered out among the ministers at their cabinet meeting on Sunday. However, some of the shopping malls and markets rebelled and opened up without permission. Prof. Ash stressed that given the current worrying state of the pandemic it is incumbent on everyone to stick to the rules of masks and non-crowding, otherwise a fourth lockdown will be unavoidable.

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