Australian “devastated” over death of soldier

Tom Goldman of Sydney was shattered to learn of the death of Amit Ben Gal in a Palestinian attack. Nearly 25 years ago, he had been saved from drowning by Amit’s father Baruch when a Yarkon River bridge collapsed under the Australian team attending the 1997 Maccabiah Games. The disaster left four Australian athletes dead and more than 60 injured. Tom and Baruch formed a strong bond of friendship. The Australian flew to Israel for Amit’s bar mitzvah. Baruch Ben Gal became an honorary member of the Australian team in subsequent Maccabiah Games and Amit helped out with the juniors and called Tom “granddad.” This week, Baruch’s only son, Amit Ben Gal, aged 20, was felled by a large block to his head during a counter-terror operation in the Palestinian town of Yabad.

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