Bennett; We’re heading to new government with Lapid

Yemina’s Naftali Bennett informed his faction on Sunday that he is heading for a shared government with opposition leader Yair Lapid, four days before the latter’s mandate for forming a government runs out on Wednesday at midnight. A week follows before presenting the new government to the Knesset for endorsement, during which there is still leeway for more coalition negotiation. Bennett explained his decision by the need to save the country from its current chaos and veer it away from crashing into the pit of a fifth election. A statement is expected at 8 pm Wednesday night.

In a last ditch move, Likud leader PM Binyamin Netanyahu was reported to have proposed a three-way split among Bennett, a second rightwing standout, Gideon Saar, and himself, to garner a majority for a right-wing government. Saar rejected the proposal and was held responsible by Bennett for leaving no option other than the establishment of a left-of-center government by the opposition.

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