Biden picks former Obama aide Robert Malley as point man on Iran

Robert Malley, President Joe Biden’s choice as special envoy for Iran, was actively involved in the Obama administration’s 2014-2015nuclear talks with Tehran. His appointment is not welcome in Israel or the Gulf states who consider him less that sympathetic to their security needs and their mistrust of Tehran’s intentions.

Israel’s top soldier Lt. Gen Aviv Kohavi on Tuesday bluntly opposed the Biden administration plan to reengage with Iran. He said he had ordered the military to prepare operational plans for striking its nuclear program. CENTCOM commander, Gen. Kenneth McKenzie was in Israel on Thursday for talks on the Iranian threat with Israel’s security chiefs.

Israel, along with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, are all seeking to dissuade the Biden administration from returning to the Iran nuclear agreement in its original form.

Malley was also a key figure in the 2000 Camp David talks between Israel and the Palestinians.


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