Bnei Brak “restricted area,” tops Israel’s per capita covid-19 infection

The cabinet’s designation of the small town of Bnei Brak as a restricted area Thursday night means lockdown on entry and exit to the town and quarantine orders enforced by hundreds of police and soldiers. The step will be in force for 7 days from Sunday, the day before Passover. during which essential foods and products will be delivered to homes. Some 4,500 high-risk residents over 80 will be removed to state-run quarantine hotels, adapted to the occupancy of members of the haredi community. Bnei Brak which is near Tel Aviv became the country’s first restricted area after nearly 40pc were estimated to have contracted coronavirus. People defying orders face fines. The Health Ministry recommends placing a second ultra-Orthodox town, Elad, under the same restrictions since it is judged to be another coronavirus hotbed.

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