Brazilian FM in Israel to investigate new covid treatment

Brazilian Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo and Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of the president and chair of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee in Congress, were welcomed in Israel on Sunday when they arrived to review a new covid treatment. The disease raging in Brazil has infected 11 million people and caused 260,000 deaths.  The new treatment developed at Ichilov hospital in Tel Aviv by Prof. Nadir Arber has cured 29 out of 30 coronavirus patients in serious or critical condition during the first phase of its clinal trial.

The delegation includes representatives from Brazil’s ministries of health and science as well as two members of Congress. They are looking for a way to control the two new variants of the pathogen afflicting the country and believed to be resistant to vaccines.

The Brazilian Foreign Minister said that both nations were building a partnership to face the coronavirus pandemic. FM Gabi Ashkenazi promised Israel’s help to overcome the pandemic. He thanked the visitors for their support of Israel on the international stage – especially their “steadfast position against the International Criminal Court’s decision to prosecute the Jewish state.”

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