Cabinet meets again Monday to tighten covid-19 restrictions

The current rate of covid-19 infection is triple that of the first peak in March, Health Ministry experts warn. “The second round is more dangerous than the first,”  Deputy Minister Yoav Kish explained why: The first 184 new cases which tested positive in March jumped in April to 339, dropped in May to 85, climbed in June to 277 and since July 1 has multiplied to a record 961 a day on average.

The Knesset committee endorsed the government’s decision to limit gatherings at weddings, clubs, bars and places of worship to 50 as of Monday. The ministers will most likely add this ceiling to parks and beaches. Dancing will also be banned. Finance Minister Yisrael Katz opposed restricting restaurants to 50 diners, maintaining that this would kill the industry dead. Germany and Cyprus have labeled Israel a country at risk.


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