Clandestine Hizballah and Al Qods operations uncovered in Israel

Yasmin Jaber, resident of East Jerusalem, was recruited by the Iranian Al Qods and Hizballah during a visit to Lebanon some years ago. This was disclosed on Thursday by the Shin Bet security service. Employed as a librarian at Israel’s National Library, she had been tracked for some time by Shin Bet surveillance when she held secret meetings in Turkey and other places with her Hizballah and Iranian Al-Qods handlers. She was assigned with recruiting Israeli and Palestinian Arabs for terrorist operations in Israel. Her orders were to focus on Israeli citizens and women to take advantage of their freedom of movement around the country. Detained with Jaber were her associates in Jerusalem and Ramallah. She and at least one accomplice are to be indicted for security offensives in the coming days. Jaber maintained her clandestine contacts with her masters through coded messages in Facebook and Instagram after receiving training in these techniques at her meetings with them in Turkey.

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