CNN omitted key US concessions in proposed nuclear deal with Iran

The evolving nuclear deal with Iran would absolve from sanctions foreign firms doing business with the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), DEBKAfile reports: This is a major US concession given that the IRGC controls most branches of Iran’s economy.
Other concessions:
1. Iran gains another decade to continue developing its nuclear program.
2. Iran agreed to stop using its high-speed centrifuges for uranium enrichment but will be allowed to keep them on site and connected to the electrical current, ready to restart.
3. When the new deal is signed, President Biden will annul ex-president Trump’s directive to quit the first nuclear accord.
4. The deal contains 21 US guarantees committing never again to leave the accord.
5. Tehran will have 60 days after signing to verify the lifting of sanctions on its oil exports and the release of its frozen accounts in Western banks.
6. Should the US again seek to exit the accord, Iran will be granted three years’ grace before sanctions are re-imposed.

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