Coronavirus cabinet in third bid to okay Gamzu plan

The ministers are this Sunday faced with approving the plan for curbing the spread of virus presented  by coronavirus director Prof. Ronni Gamzu, since there is no other plan on the table. The cabinet twice shirked the issue, although infection continued to cllmb. The plan entails classifying the country into three regions according to the density of contagion. Their decision will determine whether schools reopen in the “red” locales on Tuesday – Gamzu says they should not. It will also affect the scope of the shutdown to be imposed during the festival season next month. This may vary depending partly on whether the reopening of the school year sparks a fresh hike in infection.  Sunday morning, 113,465 infected cases were registered, including 771 new ones since Saturday. They include two figures that are rising more slowly – 438 serious cases and 116 on ventilators. The death toll rose to 906.



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