Coronavirus figs continue to improve

New covid cases fell by 390 on Thursday to 1,608. Only 4.5pc tested positive out of 38,000 tests (compared with the pre-lockdown 16pc). A total of 713 were diagnosed as seriously ill, including 247 on ventilators. The number of fatalities climbed to 2,128.

The first steps for exiting the lockdown set out for Sunday by the Coronavirus Cabinet include reopening schools for 1-6 age groups (with masked teachers) and small workplaces that don’t work with the public, access to beaches, parks and places of worship including the Western Wall, Temple Mount and the Church of the Sepulcher – all under numerical and distancing restrictions. Food shops, pharmacies, products for the home, laundries, opticians, computer services, as well as takeaway from restaurants may go back to business. This first step out of lockdown will be tested for results duringr two weeks for positive results before proceeding to the next.

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