Coronavirus infection in Israel jumps another record 668 cases

Authorities are alarmed by the constantly rising level of coronavirus infection – another 668 in 24 hours since Thursday to a total of 22,400, of which 6,084 are actually ill. They also point to the low rate of serious illness – 49 and just 29 on respirators. Half of the new cases are traced to East Jerusalem. The Health Ministry has placed under restriction a row of virus hotbeds: the port city of Ashdod, Bat Yam adjacent to Tel Aviv as well as Elad and Arara in the Negev. Schools report 36 new covid-19 cases of teachers and pupils; 239 are closed down. The ministry wants to cancel this year’s summer camps for youth as hotbed of infection. Education officials argue that this decision would release a quarter of a million teens to roam unsupervised on city streets.


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