Deadly Jerusalem double bombings were by ISIS supporter

The bombings that killed two people at two Jerusalem bus stops on Nov. 23 were carried out by Eslam Froukh, 26, from an East Jerusalem village. The attacks killed 16-year-old Aryeh Schupak and 50-year-old Tadese Tashume Ben Ma’ada, father of 11, and wounded 20. Froukh, who trained as an engineer at an Israeli college, told Shin Bet and police interrogators after his arrest that he had taught himself how to make bombs on the Internet and was planning more attacks on behalf of Daesh. Investigators found  hidden stores of lethal items, including a motor scooter the terrorist used to bring elements of the bombs from the Ramallah area to the bus stops, five pipe bombs, a Carlo submachine gun and another bomb already primed.

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