Netanyahu: Right-wing criticism is branded incitement, against us it’s freedom of speech

In his first comment on the Shin Bet Director’s caution of the danger of incitement, PM Binyamin Netanyahu referred to the long campaign “still rampant” against him waged by the parties setting up a new coalition. “Terrible language was used in calls to “to murder me and my family and my wife.” Addressing the Likud faction meeting at the Knesset on Sunday, condemned violence as “always out of bounds” but, he clarified, “Criticism from the right can’t be treated as incitement and legitimate when it comes from the left. It is an attempt to frame the right as dangerous to democracy.”

Reiterating his criticism of the nascent government led by Naftali Benette and Yair Lapid as a “scam,” Netanyahu again called it a “dangerous left-wing government that will curtail settlement, back away from facing up to America on a deal with Iran that threatens our very existence, cave under pressure and…be incapable of systematic and consistent action against the terrorists of Gaza.”


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