First 9,000 vaccinations shots for military, incl. submariners, airmen

The IDF has been initially awarded 50,000 doses for double shots in a pilot covid vaccination program for the military. Altogether, 8,735 shots were given in the first four days, beating the goal of 6,000. First recipients were medical personnel and servicemen and women with chronic complaints, followed by the Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi, and members of the General Staff, along with 20-year old conscripts serving in “most important” units, including 8,200 members of AMAN (Military Intelligence). Vaccination stations have opened at bases with more than a thousand serving troops, such as Glilot, Palmahim and Batsat. Unit commanders received jabs to serve as an example. This week, too, members of combat units such as submarine crews, who may be sent on extended missions, were vaccinated.

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