First arrest in Los Angeles anti-Semitic attack

A man was arrested in Los Angeles on suspicion of assaulting and beating several Jewish men outside a Mid-City restaurant last Tuesday. The suspect, who was not named, was accused of using a deadly weapon. He is a primary suspect out of a group of pro-Palestinian of assailants. Increased bail was requested “due to the crime being motivated by hatred,” the police said.

US Jewish organizations have appealed to President Joe Biden to combat a mounting eruption of  anti-Semitic attacks in American cities, NYC, Los Angeles and South Florida where Jews were physically assaulted during the 11-day Gaza conflict. Some of the assailants were pro-Palestinian.
In London, Jewish leaders say they are in “lockdown” against anti-Semitic attacks. Many are shunning kosher delis or stopped wearing yamulkas, and some have taken down the mezuzot from their front doors.

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